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Future-proof Your Legacy Data With Affordable FHIR-native Data Archival

Muspell Archive is a cloud-based, FHIR-native healthcare data archiving solution that ensures secure archiving and retrieval of legacy data from EHRs. Compliant with both HIPAA and the 21st Century Cures Act, it facilitates seamless Release of Information and supports patient-mediated data exchanges.

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HIPPA Compliant
21st Century Cures Act

Elevate Your Legacy Healthcare Data Management

Stay compliant, informed, and in command with our next-gen healthcare data archiving tool.

Patient-centric View

Experience Effortless Navigation

Witness the Muspell Archive difference with our easy-to-navigate and unified dashboard, which focuses on patient data and provides instant insights at a glance.

Patient-centric View | 314e Corporation
Asynchronous Release of Information

Improve Your Patient Data Access

Muspell Archive employs a flexible, asynchronous Release of Information (ROI) procedure in compliance with the ONC’s 21st Century Cures Act. This ability ensures patients have enhanced access to their health information and the autonomy to designate recipients, delivery preferences, and sharing conditions.

Asynchronous Release of Information | 314e Corporation
Secure EHR-role-based Data Access

Amplify Your Data Security

Muspell provides a very granular Role-based Access Control (RBAC) on the user and service area levels, ensuring data integrity and security with tailored access permissions based on specific roles.

Secure EHR-role-based Data Access | 314e Corporation

Seamless Data Access, Customized For You


Access Legacy Data in the Blink of an Eye

Muspell Archive revolutionizes interoperability through its comprehensive range of connectors designed for numerous legacy EHR systems and critical data standards such as C-CDA and HL7v2. Our platform goes beyond conventional integration by offering patients a contextualized experience, effortlessly extracting their data from diverse sources, all empowered by our state-of-the-art Unique Identifier System.

Access Legacy Data in the Blink of an Eye | 314e Corporation

Personalize Displays Based on Unique Requirements

Muspell Archive empowers users with customization capabilities at every level: screens, users, and service areas. Users can tailor the interface, adjust layouts, and fine-tune settings to match their workflows. Enjoy personalized access, permissions, and service area configurations designed to meet your specific needs.

Personalize Displays Based on Unique Requirements | 314e Corporation
Advanced Search

Get Hassle-free Access to the Right Patient Data

Muspell Archive’s advanced AI Search capabilities allow users to quickly find specific patient information, leading to faster decision-making and improved patient outcomes.

Get Hassle-free Access to the Right Patient Data | 314e Corporation
Patient Data Purge

Automate Your Patient Data Purge Process

Muspell Archive offers various patient data purging opportunities, including Auto Purge, where users can remove bulk patient data based on selected criteria and purging from individual patient charts.

Automate Your Patient Data Purge Process | 314e Corporation

Stay Ahead With Complete Compliance

FHIR-native Data

FHIR-native Data

FHIR® is a widely accepted modern standard for representing and exchanging healthcare data. Using a FHIR-native archival solution ensures that the archived data is represented in a standardized format, simplifying the exchange and sharing of data with other healthcare systems and organizations, and also making it directly compliant with regulations such as the Cures Act.

HIPAA Ensured

HIPAA Ensured

Muspell Archive’s unrivaled HIPAA compliance ensures patient data is securely stored and accessed only by authorized individuals.

21st Century Cures Act

21st Century Cures Act

Muspell Archive complies with ONC’s 21st Century Cures Act, which encourages the development and adoption of standardized APIs that enable patients to easily access and share their health information with other healthcare providers, third-party applications, and services of their choice.

Uncompromised Data Security

Single Sign-on | 314e Corporation

Single Sign-on

Allows users to authenticate once to access data using single sign-on with EHRs, including the SMART on FHIR® in-app launch.

User-level Audit Trails and Reporting | 314e Corporation

User-level Audit Trails and Reporting

The Audit Trail captures information about user activity within the system, including who accessed what data and when.

Unique Data Isolation | 314e Corporation

Unique Data Isolation

Prevents unauthorized access to the data by isolating it from other data stored in the archival solution.

Access Restricted Chart | 314e Corporation

Access Restricted Chart

Access to sensitive data? Muspell keeps it restricted. Access to sensitive patient data is limited only to authorized personnel.

Your Ultimate Archive Tool for All Data-types & Workflows

Non-clinical Data

Non-clinical Data

Manages financial, accounting & receivables data seamlessly.

Documents & Images

Documents & Images

Supports varied formats from Plain Text, RTF, PDF, HTML to XML, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and more!

Speciality Workflows and Legacy Record Management

Speciality Workflows and Legacy Record Management

Release of Information (ROI), Access Restricted Chart, Flag-a-Chart, Security Label settings, Patient Data Purge, Document Upload - Muspell Archive handles it all!

Clinical Data Archival

Clinical Data Archival

Problems, Allergies, Medications, Immunizations to Encounters, Vitals, Lab Results, Imaging Results, Procedures, Notes and Assessments, and the ability to create custom screens.

Effortless Onboarding & Ongoing Support

Start strong with Muspell. Our top-tier archiving solution provides hands-on training and unwavering support, ensuring you unlock all its benefits effortlessly. Count on our expert team to guide you every step of the way.

In-depth Assessment | 314e Corporation

In-depth Assessment

Our experts will collaborate with your team to analyze compliance, operations, security risks, cost-effectiveness, and documentation availability.

Access and Knowledge Audit | 314e Corporation

Access and Knowledge Audit

We evaluate accessibility to key information and assess gaps in knowledge, ensuring a thorough understanding of your data landscape.

Comprehensive Archival Plan | 314e Corporation

Comprehensive Archival Plan

Based on the analysis, we create a holistic data archival strategy that covers compliance, efficiency, security, and financial considerations.

Get Access to a Dedicated Account Manager | 314e Corporation

Get Access to a Dedicated Account Manager

Get the proper support with your existing ticketing system and connect directly to the Muspell Archive representative. Enjoy dependable assistance, and always be sure who to contact in need.

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Trusted Excellence: KLAS-rated Archiving Team at Your Service

Our dedicated team has decades of experience and can help manage end-to-end data archiving for your healthcare organization. Stay on track, on budget, and ahead of the curve.


EHR Data Extraction

Ensure accurate and thorough retrieval of patient information from Electronic Health Records.


Data Quality Checks

Perform systematic assessments to ensure accurate, complete, and consistent stored health information, maintaining its reliability for future reference and analysis.


EHR Data Conversion

Transform Electronic Health Record data seamlessly into HL7-v2 or C-CDA format.


EHR Data Migration

Securely transfer patient records between systems, maintaining accuracy and adhering to compliance.


Decommissioning Services

Efficiently retire old systems, including transferring data to newer platforms, ensuring accuracy through validation, and eliminating inconsistencies.

Experience the Future of Archiving

Embrace the future of healthcare data management with unmatched efficiency and security.

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