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A Document Management System Crafted by HIM Leaders for HIM Workflows

A cloud-native and HIPAA-compliant Document Management System built with modern, scalable technologies, and optimized for storing, retrieving and managing documents. Join the future of healthcare document management today!

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Why Switch to Dexit From Your Current Document Management System?

Cost-effective and Customizable for Healthcare

Cost-effective and Customizable for Healthcare

Experience substantial savings with our feature-rich Document Management System tailored for healthcare. Not only is it designed to meet your organization’s unique needs, but its easy administration also eliminates the need for dedicated support FTEs.

Easy Implementation & Rapid Transition

Easy Implementation & Rapid Transition

Leveraging 20 years in the healthcare industry, we offer free migration for the first ten customers, ensuring a seamless switch to Dexit. Our platform also supports parallel, scalable bulk imports for quick legacy product retirement.

Easy-to-use Interface (Minimal Training)

Easy-to-use Interface (Minimal Training)

Our intuitive interface minimizes training needs, saving your HIM team time, while also simplifying the transition to Dexit.

Streamline Your Document Management Processes With Innovative Features

Scan & Digitize Medical Documents

Document Indexing

Navigate Through Documents With Ease

Simplify your document organization and retrieval process with Dexit’s document indexing. Dexit enables you to effortlessly categorize and swiftly locate documents, ensuring that your entire document library remains easily accessible

Navigate Through Documents With Ease | 314e Corporation
Cloud Faxing

Fax Seamlessly Without Machines

Say goodbye to traditional fax machines and hello to the future of faxing with Dexit’s Cloud Faxing. You can now send or receive files, including crucial ROI documents, directly through Dexit, eliminating the need for time-consuming print-scan steps.

Fax Seamlessly Without Machines | 314e Corporation
AI-powered Patient Identification

Effortless Patient-document Matching

Simplify your workflow with automatic patient-document matching, saving time and ensuring accurate chart associations with a single click.

Effortless Patient-document Matching | 314e Corporation
Compatibility With Modern Scanners

Effortless Compatibility With Scanning Devices

We offer full TWAIN support right out of the box, enabling you to effortlessly work with all modern scanners. This ensures quick digitization, organization and document management without the hindrance of compatibility issues or extra configurations.

Effortless Compatibility With Scanning Devices | 314e Corporation

Optimize & Automate Workflows

Tailor the DMS to Your Workflow, Not Vice-versa | 314e Corporation
Custom Workflow

Tailor the DMS to Your Workflow, Not Vice-versa

With Dexit, you’re in charge. Shape Dexit to match your workflow, whether it’s converting batches into documents first, then indexing, or handling both simultaneously. Your workflow, your rules!

Set Rules to Attach a Document to a Queue | 314e Corporation
Intelligent Document Routing

Set Rules to Attach a Document to a Queue

Dexit’s flexible rules engine allows for moving batches to specific queues based on the scanner used, inbound fax number, and other criteria.

Search & Retrieve Information Securely

Advanced Search Capability

Faster Content Search & Retrieval

Dive into your extensive document repository with ease using Dexit’s cutting-edge search capabilities. Navigating through a sea of stored documents has never been faster nor more efficient, thanks to Dexit.

Faster Content Search & Retrieval | 314e Corporation
Integrated DICOM Viewer

Instant Access at Your Fingertips

Experience the convenience of our Integrated DICOM Viewer, which provides a centralized platform for immediate access to all your documents, including DICOM images. Effortlessly review medical images within Dexit.

Instant Access at Your Fingertips | 314e Corporation
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Explore How Dexit is the BEST FIT for Your Health Organization


Seamless EHR Integration for Streamlined Workflows

Dexit seamlessly integrates with leading EHR systems, including Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Athena, eCW, and more, ensuring streamlined workflows and improved data accessibility for your organization.


Secured Access & HIPAA Compliance

Dexit is at the forefront of embracing the most current healthcare standards, guaranteeing top-notch data security. Take control of your system’s security and user settings with ease and adaptability through role-based access controls.


Expert Support at Every Step

Count on our expert team for seamless assistance and a superior experience with Dexit. Whether it’s troubleshooting, guidance, or customization, count on us to be your reliable partner.

Empowering Your Journey: Your Goals, Our Commitment

Ready to explore how Dexit aligns with your unique needs and document workflows? Connect with our seasoned experts to tailor your document success story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A document management system (DMS) is a software solution that helps organizations manage their digital documents. DMS systems can capture, store, organize, and share documents electronically, making them more accessible and secure.

Using a DMS offers numerous advantages, notably boosting productivity and efficiency through automated document tasks like approval routing, report generation, and document archiving, freeing up employees for more crucial endeavors. Moreover, it cuts costs by eliminating paper storage and printing expenses. DMS systems enhance security and compliance by implementing access control and audit trails, safeguarding sensitive data. Additionally, they foster improved collaboration among employees across various locations, promoting seamless document cooperation.

A DMS can automate many healthcare workflows, such as patient intake, insurance claims processing, and medical records management. This can help healthcare providers improve efficiency and reduce errors.

A DMS can help healthcare organizations comply with regulations such as HIPAA by providing secure storage and access control for sensitive patient data.

Electronic signatures can be used to sign a variety of healthcare documents, such as patient consent forms, insurance claims forms, and prescription orders. This can help streamline workflows and reduce the need for paper documents.

Document indexing services help organizations create and maintain a searchable index of their electronic documents. This makes it easier to find and retrieve documents when needed.

Absolutely! Dexit provides robust integration with Epic and other EMR systems, enabling clinicians to access comprehensive patient records without leaving the Epic interface.

Dexit addresses pain points such as slow performance, connectivity issues, and steep learning curves by providing streamlined design, continuous connectivity, and an intuitive user interface.

Dexit stands out with competitive pricing, tailored healthcare solutions, a user-friendly interface, and top-notch customer support. Dexit is designed to address the unique challenges of healthcare organizations, setting them apart from competitors, with no machine training necessary to utilize AI features.

Absolutely! Dexit is designed to scale effortlessly, accommodating vast volumes of documents and users without any limitations.

Not at all! Dexit comes equipped with robust security features, and our dedicated team ensures regular maintenance and updates, minimizing the involvement of your IT team.