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Data Conversion and Archival

Data Conversion and Archival

Our experts can help with data conversion, migration & archival from various EHRs/EMRs that includes both clinical and administrative data.

EHR Interface

EHR Interface

With over 10 years of EHR interface development experience, our specialists can provide custom healthcare interface development services for connecting EHRs/EMRs, practice management software, revenue cycle software, patient portal, and HIE systems.

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Data Extraction & Archival

Data Extraction & Archival

Archiving Pharmacy Information System & Oncology EMR data as Indexed PDF documents.

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Our experts will help you with Interoperability.

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An interface is a software program to facilitate data transfer between multiple systems using various messaging protocols.

Healthcare data archiving is the storage of patient records for years by health care providers, as state and federal laws require.

Interoperability in healthcare is a crucial part of the movement towards value-based care that can effectively reduce costs, improve patient care, and enhance overall healthcare outcomes.

Imagine a scenario in which a patient who has their health records at some hospital walks into a practitioner’s clinic. If the practitioner has mastered interoperability, he/she can retrieve this patient’s EHR at the click of a button.

Interoperability in healthcare can be achieved by:
* Using a Health Information Exchange (HIE) system
* Making use of neuro-linguistic programming and voice recognition in the system
* Moving to a single integrated EHR platform
* Integrating workflows with point-of-care images
* Adding excessive data and other workloads to the cloud
* Investing in content-enabled EHR with the expanded patient records
* Getting efficient and robust digital healthcare software for the organization