Product Manager

  • Bangalore
  • 5+ years

Excel With 314e

We are seeking great product managers to join our team. This role will be responsible for conceptualizing, defining, launching, and managing 314e’s healthcare product offerings for its enterprise customers.

As a product manager, you will help define and build new products and features that make it easier for medical professionals to adopt technology in their day-to-day lives. Product managers at 314e collaborate closely with internal engineering as well as customer-focused teams and existing/potential customers to set strategies for, define, design, and directly manage all aspects of the customer experience.

A successful candidate will be customer-obsessed, highly analytical, have experience working on B2B enterprise products, and be adept at building high-quality products with a focus towards shipping meaningful software. The ideal candidate will be able to focus, both on the big picture for the future as well as the immediate priorities of the here-and-now. The candidate should be able to work iteratively & experimentally, building support for their vision, while taking input from other contributors.

Basic Qualifications

  • 5+ years of experience in software product management
  • Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline
  • Ability to contribute to product strategy and roadmap
  • Prior startup experience
  • Ability to meaningfully contribute to engineering discussions around technology decisions
  • Experience leading cross-functional teams
  • Enjoys living in a complex, ambiguous, and fast-paced environment using agile process and experimentation

Preferred Qualifications

  • Lived the product life. You’ve shipped products that have made a positive impact on business & customer metrics. You have demonstrated the ability to build consensus, and securing buy-in amongst conflicting priorities of different team members. You have proven ability to make smart decisions when encountered with features versus time-to-market trade-offs.
  • Analytical and data-focused. You have demonstrated the use of data and metrics to support your assumptions and assertions of business parameters. You benefit from your strong analytical skills and ability to dive deep into the subject matter and develop a comprehensive understanding of your customers and their needs to create effective solutions. You have experience in gathering data (primary or secondary) and in making high impact decisions even in the absence of a lot of facts and figures to support your decisions.
  • Strong technical understanding. You can understand, discuss, and challenge software design concepts, develop trade-offs, and identify potential business opportunities with technical team members.
  • Excellent communication skills. You are equally comfortable taking the center stage and getting your message across to a board-room full of CXOs, negotiating timelines in an all-hands tech-team meeting, or writing a detailed six-page narrative on your products that you can defend with the customer’s business, technology & finance teams. You can condense six pages to one page without losing the meaning, and vice-versa.
  • Strong collaboration skills. You have demonstrated the ability to work across seniority levels, functions, and roles, to influence senior leadership. You quickly earn the trust of the people you work with. People enjoy and have fun working with you.
  • Empathy. You can put yourself in the shoes of the customers and can translate their real needs into crisp, actionable, detailed product requirements. You can develop innovative product solutions that are grounded in a deep understanding of customer needs.
  • Bias for action. Your default setting is to take action, and not wait for things to happen. You love to learn about new ideas and ways to improve the customer experience. You obsess about what matters most to customers and can align product offerings to deliver benefits to customers quickly.