Why Work at 314e?


Why Work at 314e?

Why work at 314e? We are a full-service health IT firm founded in 2004. Our headquarters are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our sole focus is healthcare IT, putting us among a niche group of experts that can help the healthcare industry move successfully in this dynamic market. We strive to think outside of the box to create innovative solutions for you. We are proud to assist healthcare organizations provide the best care to the communities they serve.


Dedicated to working with your organization to build & deliver excellent service to your communities


We have built our practice with leading industry minds that constantly challenge themselves


Ability to understand various healthcare organizations and how to match the right consultant for the right customer

Perks & Benefits of Working for 314e

At 314e, we believe happy employees bring out the best in us. We provide a great work-life balance and accommodate your needs to connect you with the best job opportunity available. Our full time consultants don’t work as individuals, but rather have the backing of our entire organization when they are on the job thus reducing their stress levels.

Competitive Pay

Excellent salary packages and incentives to attract the industry’s best talent.

Medical Benefits

Comprehensive and affordable healthcare for you and your family.


Open and collaborative environment for better team building.

Referral Program

Know someone looking for work? Enjoy a bonus if your referral gets hired.

Office Games

Building office camaraderie, teams, and relationships during our breaks.


Happy hours, holiday parties, and sponsored events and lunches.

Life at 314e

Our people make up our culture. We hire smart, dedicated individuals who constantly strive to excel. Our office is a melting pot of diverse individuals who come from different walks of life. This reflects the same global audience that all healthcare organizations serve. When it’s time for a breather we enjoy a range of games including One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Code Names, and Ping Pong!!!

From top to bottom we strive to maintain an open culture where we are all encouraged to share our opinions. Our leadership team encourages everyone to share ideas, ask questions, and join in to play. This culture has instilled a strong sense of teamwork that overflows into our client organizations.

Interested in joining our talented team?