In this demonstration, we used the training materials for a readily available program with a unique soft skill that when used can increase personal productivity for the end-user. The Soft Skill of Voice Typing (dictation) is a tool offered for free by Google in the Google Docs platform when the Google Docs platform is opened on the Google Chrome Browser. Google calls this tool Voice Typing. This being a demonstration, our Instructional Design Team can develop Micro-Learning with any training materials that your organization needs to have developed. This would include EMR Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts. When a doctor is placing orders and needs to associate the diagnosis to a phase of care; they may have to click many boxes taking up hundreds of clicks if not thousands of clicks a year. We can create a Micro-Learning that shows that when they click on the check box header it selects all of the boxes at one time, saving several clicks. Micro-Learnings are quick visual aids that not only reinforce training but also can show valuable shortcuts that when used can add up and save hours and days by the end of the year.