Revolutionizing EHR training


The client was a mid-sized health system spread across three states, with nine hospitals, 150 clinics, 15,000 Epic users including 4,000 providers. The client initiated a program to evaluate the effectiveness of video format training. The execution was focused on Epic EHR upgrade training for 11 roles across 800 end-users located in Patient Access and Revenue Services departments.


  • Client wanted to reduce the high effort and cost of upgrade training
  • Instructor-led training required staff to spend time away from their jobs, which impacted service levels & increased stress on staff covering the workload
  • The client wanted to reduce the training time without impacting training quality
  • An internal assessment on training reported that a large percentage of staff did not know where to get information from or whom to ask if they had a question after the training
  • The geographically dispersed team spread across three states


The instructional design team reviewed 339 release notes to determine if they were good candidates for video learning. An asynchronous microlearning video approach was chosen as the delivery method due to the nature of the changes.

Notes were sorted and combined into 193 microlearning videos, with each video containing around 3 minutes of content. Hyperlinks for similar videos were packaged together by role, for the initial training and tracked through the LMS. This “chunking” of information made the content easier to consume and retain.

Post-training support was a critical part of the strategy. Hyperlinks to the training were published on the Learning Homes Dashboard of Epic to serve as on-demand performance support. Physical and virtual learning labs were offered so students could practice if they needed extra help. Support was offered via a command center created to respond to phone calls for the first week.

Key Results


Reduction in time away from job


Saved in training costs


Staff satisfaction rating

< 3%

Staff needed learning lab

Key Metrics


End-users trained


Microlearning videos created


Video sessions delivered


Videos revisited in first 4 weeks

314e’s eLearning Services

Cost Savings
Cost Savings

Reduced time away from the job and doing away with the physical infrastructure brings huge cost saving for your organization


Scientifically proven to be as effective, or more, compared to traditional training methodologies used in the past


Available 24/7, reaches dispersed staff without limitations of capacity or location and can be reviewed as needed

Engine Implementation

Learners can define their own pace and simulations can be repeated until desired confidence level is achieved