Interface Development - San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH)

Background: San Francisco Department of Public Health

The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) strives to achieve its mission through the work of two Divisions – the San Francisco Health Network and Population Health and Prevention. The SF Health Network is the City’s health system and has locations throughout the City including San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center, Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, and over 15 primary care health centers.


  • SFDPH was replacing its legacy Invision and eClinicalWorks EHRs with Epic. The behavioral health and Jail health EHRs would remain as is
  • Along with the switch to Epic, SFDPH wanted to switch its interface engine from OpenLink to Rhapsody. Therefore, all existing interfaces had to change.
  • Due to the extensive functionalities in Epic, many current interfaces were going to be retired and their functionality was to be moved to Epic.
  • Some software systems were going to be replaced by new systems.


314e was responsible for building and implementing interfaces in Rhapsody and Epic Bridges between Epic and all the ancillary systems, and also for the management of this effort. The key activities performed by 314e were:

  • Discovery of the full scope of interface implementation
  • HL7 v2 analysis for each interface
  • Rhapsody interface development
  • Interface configuration in Bridges
  • Interface error work-queue build in Epic
  • Training client staff on Epic interfaces
  • Cutover planning and migration to PRODUCTION
  • Go-live support

Business Outcome

314e’s Interface Development Services

Engine Implementation
Engine Implementation

Configure channels, communication points, transformations, routes, filters, monitors, and alerts

Interface Support

On-time tackling of errors, analysis and troubleshooting, reporting to Ops/IT application teams

Device Integration

Using HL7 standards to pull real-time patient data from various medical devices into Epic

Wide Expertise

Orion Rhapsody, Infor Cloverleaf, InterSystems Ensemble, NextGen Connect, Red Hat JBoss Fuse, and more