SCVHHS Collaborates with 314e on its Business Intelligence Strategies

Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System (SCVHHS) provides healthcare services to community members who reside within Santa Clara County, California. The system through its six agencies provides high quality inpatient, ambulatory, behavioral health, custody health, public health and emergency medical services.

314e, in an advisory capacity, assisted SCVHHS with determining a path through its operational and analytical reporting obstacles. 314e engaged and collaborated with SCVHHS’s business executives, managers, and operational staff to establish a robust plan to achieve self-sufficient reporting capabilities.


SCVHHS, with 314e’s assistance, established vital BI strategy components including:
    – Pilot Charter
    – Data Governance Framework
    – Self-Service Enablement
    – Staff Capability Development

314e with SCVHHS successfully:
    – Deployed the Cogito EDW infrastructure within a three-month period
    – Rolled out BI dashboard for high utilizers
    – Comprehensively trained analysts in Tableau, WebI, and SAP Universes
    – Established a full utilization of self-service analytics by two business groups 

314e provided us with services to fully implement our Epic data warehouse, advance our analytics infrastructure and develop sophisticated business intelligence content to make us more competitive in the marketplace.
Dov Marocco
Chief Innovation & Improvement Officer