Data Conversion and Archival

Switching to a new EHR system is a daunting process, including data conversion & archival from your legacy systems. 314e’s skilled resources can handle your data conversion effort, allowing you to focus on other areas of your implementation.

314e has supported 50+ data conversion & archival projects converting data from more than 60 different legacy systems to Epic by loading HL7 v2 messages into Epic Bridges, loading CCDs via Patient Abstractor, or importing flat-file data directly into Epic Chronicles.

Commanding expertise in programming, database management and interoperability standards such as HL7 v2, and CCD, our database professionals write code to extract data from your legacy EMR, transform it to HL7 v2, CCD, CSV flat-file, or any other custom format you would like and load it into your new EHR system. All along the process, they engage with your IT team and clinical users to validate the converted data along with all translations and formatting.

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Data Conversion and Archival

Data Types Migrated

  • Demographics

  • Encounters

  • Lab Orders and Results

  • Imaging Orders and Results

  • Imaging Orders and Results

  • Procedures

  • Vitals

  • Notes and Transcripts

  • Scans and Other Documents

  • Billing Charges

  • Medical Summaries

  • Provider Data

In addition to converting for EHRs, our professionals have experience converting for archival systems. Our resources will extract and convert your historical clinical data to the format required by your archival system, and work with you to test and validate the archived data.

We are currently developing a custom archival solution that can supplement your data conversion effort to archive your historical data into Google Cloud using the state-of-the-art FHIR® standard, allowing your programmers and reporters easy access to data via simple RESTful queries. Our app will provide an intuitive clinical data viewer which would give seamless access to past and present clinical data to your users, enabling them to make well-informed decisions for patient care.

Our EHR Data Migration Expertise

314e’s data conversion & archival team are experts in migrating data from a wide variety of EMRs which includes both clinical and administrative data. We have experience with the following EHRs and many more.

Our EHR Data Migration Expertise

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