Healthcare Automation


The case for healthcare automation: every healthcare organization has an incredible richness of business functions and processes that may be repetitive and time consuming (and error prone) if performed by humans. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps with automating human workflows to achieve greater operational efficiency by minimizing human errors and increasing accuracy and turnaround time. 314e’s RPA technology is able to help organizations realize a reduction of up to 30% in cost by automating repetitive and mundane human tasks.

RPA 2.0/unassisted

RPA 2.0 is the next generation of RPA technologies that combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate tasks with much higher accuracy. With RPA 2.0, automation can be possible for applications which are delivered via app streams like (Citrix, RDP, etc.).


Process Automation

At 314e, we have worked with hundreds of applications used in healthcare organizations and we understand RPA tools like UiPath. Combining this with our technical prowess allows us to provide solutions to automate data entry tasks to achieve enterprise goals. Our solutions can be applied to streamline a variety of processes including new patient appointments, patient pre-arrival and arrival related tasks and optimization of billing related workflows, especially when multiple non-interfaced applications are involved.

Healthcare Data Extraction/Integration

Healthcare organizations constantly face the daunting task of dealing with multiple systems with no clean integration options available. They usually use human operators to perform dual data entry or copy data from one system to another. 314e provides healthcare automation solutions to data integration wherein we develop robots to extract data from the source system, transform data to comply with business rules according to the target system and then enter data into the target system.


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