EHR Interfaces

314e understands that interoperability and EHR interfaces in healthcare are complex. Whether you are implementing Epic, Cerner or any other EHR system, our interface implementation professionals apply an in-depth understanding of how various EHRs and their interface applications work to provide you with exceptional value and quality in all aspects of integration.
“Error Free”
  • Design of interface solutions to meet the specific business requirements of your organization and the pertinent departments
  • Implementation of industry-prevalent and cutting edge interoperability standards such as HL7 v2, DICOM, CCD, FHIR, X12, NCPDP
  • Programming in different interface engines such as Rhapsody, Cloverleaf and Ensemble
  • Extensive testing with ancillary system vendors, business/operational leaders and other IT application teams at your organization
  • Implementation of data standards such as ICD-10, CPT, LOINC, NDC
  • Top-quality project management to ensure that your implementation efforts succeed

Our team of integration specialists has over 10 years of average experience with EHR interfaces. They bring experience with various interface engines as well as with standards including HL7 v2, FHIR, C-CDA etc. Our team of Epic Integration specialists also have expertise and certifications in Bridges and Chronicles.


Our Approach

A typical interface implementation from 314e goes through the following phases: build and configuration, smoke testing, extensive functional testing, integrated testing and translation testing. Depending on your departmental structure, our resources lead all implementation efforts or guide your employees through it, while maintaining a strict eye on the quality of work. Our resources provide full go-live support and we ensure that we leave your employees empowered to pick up the mantle by providing quality documentation and a detailed handoff. Beyond your initial implementation sprint, 314e resources also provide essential services and guidance for enhancements and optimization.

314e experience includes integrating the following types of data between EHR and other systems:
Patient Administration Data Lab Orders and Results Imaging Orders and Results
Vitals and other Device Data Transcriptions and Reports Links to Scans and other Documents
Embedded Document Data Pharmacy Orders, Dispenses and Load/Unload E-Prescriptions and Formulary Updates
Materials Management Data Billing Charges Real-Time Eligibility Data
Claims Data Provider Data Queries and Response

Device Integration

314e has extensive experience EHR interfaces and with bio-medical device integration of Epic with device integration middleware systems. 314e provides project managers and other professionals who understand the clinical workflows to work with your clinicians and your operations to ensure that all device integrations meet their specific needs. Using HL7 standards to pull real-time patient data from various medical devices into Epic, our device integrations provide a continuum of information for timely clinical decisions and quality care.

Epic Device Integration
Tech Support


Keeping your interfaces healthy and error-free after implementation is extremely important. Missing a single lab or imaging result owing to an interface error can sometimes have devastating impact on patient care. However, maintaining your interfaces error-free on a daily basis can get challenging. For this reason, our integration professionals have provided support for live interfaces to various clients across the country. Our approach to support involves on-time tackling of errors, detailed analysis and troubleshooting of all issues, extensive communication with operational departments and IT application teams, proper documentation, on-time reporting and escalation if needed.

Interface Engine Implementation

314e carries expertise in the various interface engines and programming languages which can aid your interface implementation process. Our trained resources configure end-to-end channels in your interface engine, including all communication points, routes, filters, transformations, monitors and alerts, and set up message schema, TCP/IP connections, FTP or SOAP/ REST web services as needed. 314e specialists use industry-best practices and proven personal experience to fast-track the development process. While our professionals carry expertise in industry-prevalent interoperability standards such as HL7 v2, DICOM, FHIR and more, they can transform the transmitted data to any required custom format.

314e professionals use best practices and proven personal experience to fast-track the development process. Our approach to implementation involves extensive testing and both functional and load testing before deployment. Our specialists are adept at laying out efficient testing and troubleshooting frameworks that ensure your interfaces can be kept error-free in the long run.

Interface Engine Implementation

Interface Engine Expertise

“Orion Rhapsody”
Orion Rhapsody

314e Integration experts configure communication points, filters, connectors, routes and message definitions. They set up message searches to allow for easy troubleshooting and configure alerts for message failures, backlogs or memory overloads. When needed, they write code in JavaScript to create capabilities not in the UI.

“Infor Cloverleaf”
Infor Cloverleaf

314e employs several Cloverleaf Level II and III certified professionals. Along with the usual engine configuration and development expertise, our staff members are adept at using the Cloverleaf provided testing tools. They have expertise in writing TCL as well as JavaScript to customize Cloverleaf at the various User Points of Control (UPoCs) for more complex functionality.

“InterSystems Ensemble”
InterSystems Ensemble

314e has been an InterSystems Ensemble Implementation Partner for over a decade. During this time we have helped over a dozen customers with complex Ensemble implementations. Our professionals are skilled in interface development, maintenance and troubleshooting. They are also adept at XML generation, Cache and ObjectScript programming and custom development within Ensemble to generate enhanced functionality.

“NextGen Connect”
NextGen Connect

314e has worked with Mirth for over a decade. Our staff knows how to set up channels, sources, destinations, connectors, filters and transformations for your interfaces in Connect. They also build custom JavaScript code for added functionality, if needed.

“Red Hat JBoss Fuse”
Red Hat JBoss Fuse

314e has expertise with multiple ESB technologies. We employ programmers that can write high quality Java code. If your organization is contemplating replacing JCAPS with JBoss Fuse or need maintenance help, 314e can help. 314e Fuse resources are well versed in Maven and are adept at configuring the various components of Apache ServiceMix. Given our skill in Java and XML, we can build and configure CamelContexts, endpoints, routes, EIPs and components for your interfaces.

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