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Go Live Support Intro

314e’s EHR go-live support team has experience supporting and managing large and complex end-to-end Epic go-live programs across the country. Accessing a large pool of reliable, experienced and high quality Epic At-the-Elbow (ATE) resources can be a daunting challenge, but 314e is here to help.

We offer the highest quality candidates from our nation-wide resource pool. Start-to-finish, we offer the best options for your ATE support needs, bolstered by a track record of proven success and lessons learned on small, medium and large Epic implementations. Working with 314e helps your Epic go-live program run smoothly and successfully. 

How we do it?

Use of Credentialed Trainers

314e has been able to provide At-the-elbow support in several instances with the use of only CTs. This results in better quality support for the customer. We recognize that this is not possible in every instance, but we work hard to get as many CTs as possible on the larger go-lives. We have a proprietary candidate ranking system with multiple checks, tests and extreme vetting, which allows us to put the best resources on your projects.

Account Management

All routine communication, issues and escalations by your leadership team will be handled by our dedicated account management team. We provide multiple paths of escalation to offer redundancy and a quick, guaranteed turnaround time. Our account management team consists of on-site and off-site coordinators, as well as members from our leadership team, to ensure that the program governance is of the highest standard.


Implementation of a well-structured and coordinated logistics support program which includes bulk hotel/room bookings, use of shuttle buses (when appropriate) to ensure attendance and punctuality are all part of our standard operating procedures for EHR go-live support.


Technology assistance with scheduling, time & attendance, reporting and communication is essential to achieving a successful training program. We use commercial off the shelf scheduling, attendance and reporting products, our proprietary scheduling solutions or a combination of both.

Our extensive go-live experience has allowed us to successfully transfer our knowledge, experience and lessons learned from one implementation to another. Our key learnings that you will benefit from are:

Go Live Planning

314e works with your leadership, project team and technical teams to plan out what the command center will look like, how it will run, ticket triage, what becomes a ticket/what becomes a direct call and so much more. We can design, deliver and implement a full Command Center Playbook which will outline every facet of the Command Center from its resurrection to when we close the doors, and the follow up procedure for business as usual once the Command Center is taken down.

Taper Down Model

We use a “Taper Down” method when it comes to Go-live Support. This fades the support model slowly and gradually, to assist in strengthening your core staff and refrain from immediate withdrawal of support staff. We find tapering down also helps organizations stay within their budget when utilized effectively.

Licensed Clinician Support Model

Licensed Clinicians are sometimes the preferred support model for certain areas, or employee bodies such as Physicians. Affiliated Physician training should be provided by a dedicated Physician training team. 314e has a vast resource pool with Licensed Personnel, ranging from Physicians, Nurses, and Pharmacists.

Daily Scorecards

314e has developed departmental readiness scorecards that provide a straightforward and streamlined reporting process, to give your leadership a structured feedback on the stability of the departments our ATE resources are supporting, by staying close to the End Users and Super Users as they work with the new applications. This is to focus ongoing efforts to the areas and users that need continued or even increased support, as well as identifying those areas and users that are comfortable in the new system and workflows and which are returning to full productivity.

Support Ratios That Make Sense to Your Planning

Many consulting firms use a “one size fits all” staffing ratio. 314e looks at various details to ensure each department and location is appropriately staffed, based on “acuity” scoring around end-user needs. We believe in doing a geographical walk through to see if there are items that would disrupt the flow of a support resource being easily accessible to a set number of people to provide support.

Login Labs and Physician Personalization

314e has extensive experience with Go-live readiness activities like Login Labs and Physician Personalization. We recommend co-locating a security SWAT team during Go-lives to mitigate issue in real-time. We will lay the groundwork to minimize every possible risk and help win the acceptance of your clinical and non-clinical staff. We will also analyze your system-wide workflows and recommend prerequisites to develop checklists that include all areas of readiness activities.

"314e was a primary provider of Epic training related staffing for Beaumont Health including instructional designers, credentialed trainers, and extensive at-the-elbow support resources. Overall, 314e provided high-quality Epic resources. 314e handled the entire screening, scheduling and on-boarding process for their resources which covered 100 locations. We were very happy with the quality they have provided and their prompt attention to all requests. I highly recommend their services."
Kary Wilhoite, Manager IT
Beaumont Health
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