EHR Advisory Services

314e’s EHR Advisory Services team becomes a part of your team to address your organization’s unique needs.

Pre-Implementation Planning

Whether it is implementing an entire new EHR or adding to it, a significant investment of your organization’s capital, time and resources is required. Comprehensive planning before embarking on such a large scale project is essential. 314e can help align your organization’s goals with clinical care, patient safety and quality. We assess gaps and create timeline to ensure there is no loss in revenue or patient safety during the implementation process. We coordinate processes, tools, technology and resources to ensure a successful implementation through our pre-implementation EHR advisory services.

Pre Implementation Planning
Technology Strategy

Technology Strategy

At 314e, our passion is technology. As healthcare IT continues to evolve, organizations must not only keep up with their current solutions, but also plan ahead. Our experts are constantly learning and adapting to new and emerging technologies specific to healthcare. We can advise on your organization’s short and long term needs, presenting various alternatives that can be adapted through minimal impact. We provide in-depth analysis of existing systems and plan for your organization’s future.

Program & Project Management

Over the last decade, healthcare has been in a constant state of flux, leading to more complex IT projects. 314e provides both leadership and governance skills to help keep projects on schedule while mitigating the risks of delivery. Project management also plays an essential part of this process. We have a culture grounded in excellent project management skills. Our client stories demonstrate our ability to work complex environments. Our PMP Certified resources will meet and exceed your organization’s requirements.

Program Project Management
Data Governance

Data Governance

The availability of data has enabled healthcare organizations to become more analytical in their operations. It is essential that an organization establishes policies and continuously monitor its data governance so that the right form of data is mined. 314e can help your team develop a sustainable data governance plan that encompasses stakeholders, data use limitations, ownership, liability and government regulatory requirements.

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