Cloud Analytics

314e implements comprehensive healthcare analytics solutions to provide the best approach to enterprise analytics and intelligence and creative self-service BI capabilities to support a wide range of business requests. We pride ourselves in offering solutions that are self-governing and address the needs of business users and bring together people, processes, technology and culture.
Cloud Analytics

314e is a Microsoft Gold Partner with competencies in Data Analytics, Data Platform, Application Integration, and Cloud Platform. We are also partners of AWS, Snowflake, Tableau, and Qlik.

Our Reporting and Analytics capabilities include the creation of Electronic Clinical Quality metrics (eCQMs), Population health dashboards, HEDIS scores, Patient Outcomes, and Assessment Dashboards, Meaningful Use/MIPS/MACRA Dashboards, Patient Experience, and other regulatory and compliance reporting requirements. We have capabilities to create and manage extracts for the purposes of Revenue Management, Operational and Clinical Performance Reporting, Financial Analytics, Cost Accounting, Diseases Registries, Healthcare compliance, Value-Based-Care, and a host of other purposes.

Our experience with various best-in-class tools (Microsoft Synapse, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Databricks, Dremio, etc.) can jumpstart your move towards a Cloud Analytics platform. 314e’s DataOps team provides assistance with designing Data Warehouse schemas (Star schema with Type1 and Type2 dimensions) and nested data models using FHIR. We can help you design and implement Data Lakes to support your AI/ML needs. We also provide data transformation pipelines to create data marts.

We have expertise with various integration tools (Azure ADF, Microsoft SSIS, Pentaho, Apache Spark) to create ETL pipelines. We establish agile methodologies in all aspects of development and deployments. We can help version control ETL pipelines using Azure DevOps or Github repositories and we deploy CI/CD scripts to automate all the deployment tasks.

Technology Expertise


We offer 24×7 operational support in monitoring the pipelines setting up the alerts, index management, and query optimization.

We are also working on market-leading products. Our Muspell Enterprise Data Lake product is built on top of the Databricks platform and allows customers to have FHIR based Analytics on top of a Data Lake. Highlights of this product include:

  • ACID Transactions

  • Querying capability based on the FHIR R4 standard

  • USCDI compliance

  • Archive legacy data as FHIR resources to derive use of the data for outcomes analysis for years to come

  • Modern web as well as mobile (iOS / Android) based Clinical Records viewer

Benefits of Cloud Analytics

A unified approach to enterprise reporting for healthcare enterprise

Provides easy access to necessary business data-efficient decision-making

Scalability & agility

Enhances the ability to add data storage and data analysis capacity as needed. Healthcare customers can efficiently scale the storage, processing, and leveraging of data insights based on demand

Breaks down siloed reporting

Facilitates cross-organizational integration of data. It enables the integration of diverse sources through a cloud analytics solution to deliver business insights

Encourages more collaboration

Provides a centralized location to access enterprise data and connect to shared information

Data security and governance

Single and secure access point to data. Also, a cloud analytics platform improves data governance by giving you more granular access controls for who has access to what data and audit capabilities to understand who accessed what data

High Returns on Investment (ROI)

Cloud analytics services provide readily available data models, uploads, application servers, advanced tools, and analytics thereby reducing cost over time. There are very few upgrade costs that enable new tools or applications requiring minimal IT maintenance

Get the 314e Cloud Analytics Readiness Assessment for your Organization

314e will conduct a detailed assessment of cloud analytics readiness of your organization which will include the following:

  • technical and business analytics environment, areas for concern, and opportunity
  • the pros, cons, costs, and best practices associated with moving the analytics and business intelligence stack to a cloud architecture
  • recommendations regarding the future state, including the tooling recommendations that will help on the path to better business outcomes
  • suggest recommendations for regulatory, compliance, and other requirements that could be met using the enterprise analytics program (such as the cures act and others)
  • pricing scenarios and an analytics roadmap

314e will focus on mapping organizational and/or department/ service-line goals to an enterprise analytics plan and the assessment will take into account both current and future needs, especially with regard to:

  • Agility–to adapt easily to changes in source data
  • Performance–faster data load time
  • Flexibility–in data model design and rendering of data needs
  • Efficiency–to support a range of end-user analytics tools
  • Governance–to ensure data lineage and master data management
  • Scalability–to easily add additional data sources
  • Security–of data, systems, and processes
314e will create a Cloud Analytics Readiness Assessment report which will provide top uses cases with respect to the source data that was analyzed, opportunities for improvement in both tech stack and data model, visualization tools recommendation which includes advanced analytics use, security, compliance, governance and MDM recommendations, and finally a phased implementation plan for migrating to the cloud analytics platform

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