Cloud Adoption

314e’s healthcare cloud adoption services supports on-premise to the cloud transformation efforts for hospitals and health systems. Because of our deep healthcare application knowledge, we are able to optimally configure cloud infrastructure and properly scale environments. 

Our software-driven approach delivers superior results because of our understanding of healthcare applications and how they integrate. Healthcare data centers are migrating to the cloud at an accelerating rate, and 314e’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) team is on the leading edge of this wave.

Cloud Adoption

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

Why Migrate to the Cloud

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At 314e, we see a trend of more healthcare organizations moving toward cloud architecture. Our expert understanding of various cloud solutions, combined with a deep understanding of healthcare requirements, allow us to tailor the right approach for our clients for successful implementation. 

Healthcare Cloud Migration

Infrastructure Migration

Converting existing VM or physical machine into cloud computing instance and containerize workloads so that infrastructure can be fully utilized: we can convert existing server workloads (application or data) into docker containers and setup a horizontal scalable solution to meet the application demand.

Application Migration

Desktop application virtualization using app streaming technologies: with our suite of automation test frameworks, we can assist in migrating desktop applications and validate the testing.

Web application migration to cloud using service mesh technologies: with our expertise in API integration, we can design and setup API gateway and an enterprise service mesh with all different applications collaborating in a seamless fashion.

Data Migration

We can assist in migrating existing data marts and application-specific relational database silos into cloud. We can also help in setting up the data movement between on-premise data-mart into cloud data warehouse.

Cloud Operations

Cloud Operations

Cloud Analytics

With an ever-increasing demand for healthcare customers to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on their IT investments, cloud-based solutions offer the best possible solution. Healthcare analytics is not left behind. 314e’s cloud analytics solutions, with experience in both private and public cloud platforms, provide SaaS-based analytics combining data sources (internal, external and real-time). This includes the capability of using the Big-3 Cloud vendors (Azure, AWS and Google Health Cloud (GCH)) and creating robust analytical platforms for “on-prem,” hybrid and cloud-based solutions.

Cloud Analytics BI

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

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