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As EHRs become more complex, two problems come to the forefront for your health system. First, there is a strong business need to control training costs and reduce the training time in the classroom. At the same time, clinicians and medical staff need answers about EHR functionality-related issues in real-time. It is not practical that they raise a ticket to the help desk and wait for a response.

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314e’s Speki is a world-class performance support tool that empowers your clinicians and medical staff with an on-demand targeted training assistant embedded in their workflows, always ready to answer context-sensitive questions. With Speki, clinicians and staff members can answer questions about EHR usage and workflows in real-time. Speki integrates with EHRs using SMART on FHIR®. Speki is available via the Epic App Orchard.

Think of Speki as your at-the-elbow support, that never goes away!

Speki understands you
Speki understands you

A modern approach to in-application support which uses NLP and video streaming to provide micro-learning videos and document retrieval right when you need it.

Speki is always around
Speki is always around

On-demand learning resources are available 24*7*365 via the Speki button embedded directly into the Epic Hyperspace, which multiplies adoption and usage.

Train with Speki, Use with Speki
Train with Speki, Use with Speki

Making Speki a part of the classroom training sessions allows users to build familiarity with the tool and increases ease of use once deployed.

Speki EHR Help – Best Performance Support Tool

Benefits of deploying Speki EHR Help

  • Speki provides hand-holding for new users outside of the classroom when trying to apply their knowledge for the first time
  • Speki supports existing staff when there is a change in workflow, a new version of the EHR is released, or a simple “how do I get this done?”
  • Speki provides medical staff instant access, high availability, on-demand training directly from Epic Hyperspace without opening another software or signing into another app
  • Speki is contextual, and users don’t have to go through long user manuals or hours of videos to solve the problem at hand. Micro-learning videos, tip sheets, and documents ensure the exact solution in the shortest possible time
  • Speki analytics tracks and reports on its usage so your training team can see what is being used the most. This way, they know areas to focus on during the next training
Benefits of deploying Speki

How Speki works

How Speki works
  • 314e team works with your training team to chalk out expectations, deliverables, and timelines
  • Speki takes existing elements of your eLearning program makes them available as part of the learning library
  • 314e team maps and documents your workflows to create high-quality video streaming micro-learning videos
  • This content library is cataloged, tagged, and augmented with a full-text, NLP-based search engine
  • Speki is then linked to your EHR instance, allowing users to access the best performance support tool directly from their workflows

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