Muspell CDR

State-of-the-art FHIR® based Clinical Data Repository

314e is committed to providing data interoperability solutions using the latest standards and technologies to solve real-life problems for healthcare providers. 314e understands the healthcare institutions’ need to use HL7 International’s FHIR® Standard to exchange information. 314e is committed to bringing world-class solutions to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Muspell CDR is 314e’s integrated FHIR®based solutions suite. It comprises a Clinical Data Repository based on FHIR®, along with web and mobile-based data viewers.

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Muspell CDR – FHIR® based Clinical Data Repository

Muspell CDR FHIR® Server

The first and foremost requirement in implementing the FHIR ® standards is an FHIR® Server. Muspell CDR allows you to deploy an FHIR® Server in a matter of minutes, on-premise, or on a HIPAA-compliant cloud server. When you use the Muspell CDR, you get

Rapid deployment

It can be hosted on 314e’s private cloud, your private cloud, or any cloud environment of your choice. We get customers up and running in a matter of days.

High performance

Muspell CDR runs on servers with NVMe disks, higher RAM & multiple vCores, uses a graph database that yields higher search and read throughput.

Higher Efficiency

Muspell CDR stores the data in a structured graph database that provides higher efficiency in navigating through FHIR® resources


Cloud-native scalability as each component in the server can independently scale according to your requirements.


Dashboard to visualize metrics allows customers to get full observability. Muspell watches key metrics for alerts and sends notifications to subscribers.

High Security

Muspell CDR is SOC 2 audited and HIPAA compliant and ensures that it takes care of security and compliance.

Key Features


Interact with FHIR® data on a fully managed, cloud-hosted, instantly scalable FHIR® server. Compliance with FHIR® specifications, both structurally and operationally.

Full Search

Use any FHIR® search query parameter to find relevant resources or data, and power your app’s data access patterns without building your own APIs

Alerts & Subscriptions

Muspell creates alerts & subscriptions for search queries and triggers workflows or pushes data servers on meeting specific criteria. As a result, it reduces the number of search queries your application makes and serves highly relevant data.

Structure Normalization & Validation

Muspell automatically validates all resources for conformance. It also canonicalizes aggregated data from other organizations that are not compatible with FHIR®.

Legacy Systems Data Archival

One of the most sought-after use cases of 314e’s Muspell CDR is to Archive and view legacy data as you transition to a new EHR.

Muspell provides an integrated platform to store enterprise information in one unified application that is accessible to end-users. Muspell CDR can supplement your data conversion efforts to archive historical data such that the data is available in a standards-compliant fashion and not locked away in a silo. As a result, your legacy data stays usable and actionable. We also support aggregating data from non-EHR sources like administrative and financial systems. In addition, we have data connectors to commonly used EMRs like eClinicalWorks, NextGen, Allscripts Professional, TouchWorks, MEDITECH, and others to extract information that needs to be archived in a high-quality fashion at a lower price point.

The web and mobile viewers provide an intuitive clinical and financial data view that offers seamless access to past and present clinical data to end-users, enabling them to make well-informed decisions for patient care. In addition, the Web Viewer can be launched from popular EHR platforms like Epic using SMART on FHIR®, for in-workflow access to legacy data, at the point of care.

Legacy Systems Data Archival

Key Benefits

Data Consolidation

Aggregates data from multiple sources to provide clinicians and administrators with historical information at the point of care.

Unified Physician View

All of the patient’s pertinent clinical information like problems, allergies, medication, immunizations, lab results, procedures in one easy to use interface

Intuitive Interface

Graphs & charts for vitals, diagnostic results, and financial information such as insurance plans, payments, claims, EOBs, etc.


Single sign-on, native integration with EHRs using SMART on FHIR® & integration of standard vocabularies like LOINC, SNOMED, ICD-10, RxNorm.


Search, sort, and filter data based on several parameters. Flowsheet functionality provides the complete history of events of the patient.

Audit History

Tracks user actions within the FHIR® Viewer for auditing and compliance purposes.


Supports the export of patient’s medical data in various formats (PDF, FHIR®, CCD, HL7 v2.x)

Muspell CDR Architecture

Muspell CDR Architecture

For any FHIR ® Standards, Server, Archiving, or Viewer requirements, choose only 314e’s Muspell CDR. Talk to our expert today to see how Muspell CDR can help you!

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