Muspell Automaton


314e’s Automation Framework called Muspell Automaton brings together state of the art technologies to help organizations integrate, aggregate and automate data and workflows. We give you technology that has best of breed options for workflow automation including the ability to: Trigger workflows based on events including: cron, HL7 and ANSI X12 messages, file changes and notifications etc.
Highly customizable workflows according to organization needs
Cloud-scaling based on serverless functions running in Kubernetes clusters.Hundreds of pre-built bots to get you started

Why use Muspell Automaton?

You may be using UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, WorkFusion or other similar solutions, but disparate RPA bots can only get you so far.

Muspell Automaton brings out the real value of your RPA bots by organizing them based on your custom process workflows.

Using Muspell Automaton, you can create your own Workflows and Rules Engine, orchestrate tasks and create exceptions to accomplish process wins and not just task wins. Now, that makes Automaton your best Automation Buddy!

Complex made simple

Muspell Automaton can be used to automate complex tasks spanning across multiple IT infrastructure, software platforms and databases. Take an example of one of our most successful automation workflows – Automated Claim Status Retrieval. This workflow connects to the EHR, PMS, Insurance Databases, 3rd Party Aggregators, Rules Engine and allows you to customize things on the fly.


Ever increasing Bots collection

314e is continuously creating Bots to automate a variety of tasks like data retrieval, formatting, comparison, filtering, decision making and allocating. Over the last 15 years of existence, 314e has worked with over 100 healthcare applications, we put these knowledge to use in creating “single-task” bots, that are implemented as serverless functions.

Scalable Architecture

RPA’s purpose will be defeated if it cannot scale to accommodate large quantities of data or a variety of tasks. 

Muspell Automaton utilizes open source systems like Kubernetes (K8S) for deployment, scaling and management of applications included in containers (Docker or others). 

This allows the ability to create a cluster of machines to replicate the services in execution. 

Customize on the go

Muspell Automaton is extremely flexible and allows you to make workflow modifications on the go. You could edit the rules engine on the fly and the framework takes care of the rest.

Multiple initiation triggers


Any RPA workflow must support multiple initiation mechanisms for the bots. Muspell Automaton supports a variety of triggers like:

  1. CRON based – Run at a fixed frequency, for example, every morning at 0500 hours
  2. Event based – Run when an event occurs, like, receipt of a file or an HL7 message
  3. UI based – Based on user actions
  4. Rules based – When certain conditions are met

Sample use cases of Muspell Automaton in Healthcare Settings

Appointment scheduling for patients

Patient payment management and account settlement

Verification of Eligibility & Benefits before service

Charge entry, scrubbing & submission

Claim status retrieval (AR follow-up)

Discharge instructions & Medication guidelines

314e’s Muspell Automaton can solve your most complex problems. Talk to one of our RPA experts today!

"My team now gets a daily updated list of Paid/Denied/Follow-up Needed claims on their work queues first thing in the morning, and they focus on resolving claims instead of getting claim statuses. 314e has allowed my team to focus on the real work instead of being call center agents. What took a human about 5 minutes to do, is now done in a matter of seconds. That is a huge gain for us."
CFO of a Health system on the West Coast

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