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With Muspell Archive’s comprehensive features for hospitals and health systems

Patient Data Viewer

  • Unique Identifier System: Easily manage patient MRNs across multiple legacy systems
  • Robust Patient Search: Efficiently locate patients using first name, last name, SSN, birth date, Epic MRN, and legacy MRNs
  • Clinical Data Screens: Access comprehensive clinical data, including Encounters, Procedures, Medications, and Immunizations
  • Financial Data Screens: Easily view patient financial data, including accounts, claims, coverage, and charges
  • Searching, Filtering, and Sorting: Apply advanced search, filtering, and date sorting for precise data retrieval
  • Documents: Manage and view various document types (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, HTML) with ease
  • Lab and Imaging Reports: Access and download imaging and lab reports for enhanced decision-making
  • Graphs: Visualize data with graphs for lab reports and vital signs
  • Vitals Flowsheet: Customize vitals flowsheets for tailored patient information
  • Encounter Drawer: Detailed encounter views for in-depth activity information
  • Order Information: Access detailed information on medications, labs, imaging, and procedures

Access Control

  • Service User Access Control: Control granular screen and role accesses by service area
  • User Access Control: Customize access to standalone launch, settings, and various screens for specific users
  • Adding New User: Establish and define roles for new users, including those external to the organization

Security Settings

  • Break the Glass: Record user access to flagged patient records and justifications for access via Break The Glass logs
  • Security Labels: Map, edit, enable or disable security labels for Break the Glass
  • Purging Patient Records: Purge individual patient charts and automatically generate the certificate of destruction
  • Auto Purge: Automatically purge patient charts that meet pre-set system administrator-created criteria

Release of Information

  • Individual Data Item Export: Select specific items for export
  • Encounter-based Export: Extract data related to an encounter
  • Requester Information Form: Tailor the form to capture requester details and reasons for patient data export
  • Release of Information Logs: Maintain detailed records of completed exports, including patient information, user details, and timestamps
  • Accounting of Disclosures: Consolidate logs from external source systems beyond Muspell Archive for a comprehensive view of past data disclosures

Document Upload

  • Dedicated Document Location: Uploaded documents stored in unified, dedicated screen for easy identification and location
  • Document Edit: Authorized users can modify document metadata
  • Document Deletion: Authorized users can remove documents
  • ROI Export: Export legacy scans within Release of Information

Reports and Logs

  • Audit Logs: Record of user actions across Muspell Archive
  • Break the Glass Logs: Record of every Break the Glass event with timestamps, user, and patient details
  • Release of Information Logs: Record of every release of information export, including timestamps, user, requester, and patient details
  • Purge Logs: Record of every purge activity, including certificates of destruction

Application Settings

  • Custom Attributes: Empower admins to define attributes within the Requester Information form and document upload process
  • Column Selection and Ordering: Enable admins to tailor the organization’s display by selecting and arranging columns per the facility’s preference
  • List of Values: Facilitate custom data entry with dropdown lists
  • Security Labels Settings: Easily manage security labels for the “Break the Glass” feature, ensuring robust data protection
  • Admin Settings: Customize basic UI configurations like system name, date format, and hospital logo

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