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A Healthcare Digital Adoption Platform designed to improve adoption of enterprise applications and increase end-user performance by providing just-in-time assistance within the application.
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Jeeves' Benefits to Customers

Reduction in  Support Tickets

Reduction in
Support Tickets

Reduction in  Time Away From the Job

Reduction in
Time Away From the Job

Improvement in  Key Physician Metrics

Improvement in
Key Physician Metrics

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Jeeves - Healthcare Digital Adoption Platform Built for Hospitals


Hospitals Have More Software, Less Training

Agility to create content at speed!

Agility to create content at speed!

Software platforms update every 3-6 months, so you need an agile solution to create Screencast captures for information and education.

No Easy Way to Document Workflows

Create a knowledge repository!

Create a knowledge repository!

Jeeves allows creation, external content upload, update, discovery and delivery, on a single platform.


Content Created Over Time With Different Tools

All in one, open platform!

All in one, open platform!

One stop for help! Jeeves supports PDFs and MP4s that can be created using any tool. You are not locked into a proprietary format.

No Easy Way to Manage Available Content

Built-in tools to make it easy!

Built-in tools to make it easy!

Content creation is easy with a built-in authoring workflow, automated meta-data tagging, automated closed captions, and robust reporting.


Discovering Right Support Content Is a Challenge

Finding the right information!

Finding the right information!

Jeeves' AI search engine uses intelligent meta-data, and video closed captions, vastly improving search result relevance.

Multiple Enterprise Applications Need Support

One tool for all applications!

One tool for all applications!

Jeeves can be used for performance support for not just your EHR but all your enterprise applications like ERP, HR systems, etc.

How Jeeves Works

Simple Is Powerful

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Rapid Content Creation

Trainers and Super-users can easily record microlearning videos in minutes using Jeeves or any other software of choice.

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Easy Review & Approval

Automated workflows allow administrators to assign tasks, review content, and provide feedback to content creators.

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Intelligent Curation

Jeeves' AI engine analyzes content to generate intelligent meta-data tags facilitating search and suggestions.

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Seamless Delivery

Application users search for help from within the EHR and get relevant, meaningful results instantaneously.

Jeeves Is on the Epic App Orchard!

If you use Epic, setting up Jeeves is even easier.




Having deep integrations with Epic using SMART on FHIR®, Jeeves is listed as a trusted app on the Epic App Orchard.

See App Orchard listing
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Jeeves Use Cases

Use Jeeves for multiple stages in the employee’s journey in your organization.

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Staff Onboarding

Once your staff has access to Jeeves, you could send them action items to complete their onboarding process and track the progress of the same for each member.

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Performance Support

When users search Jeeves for information, it considers their role, department, location, etc., to filter out and show only the most relevant results.

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Test-outs & Assessments

Evaluate user knowledge with test-outs by giving real tasks to complete on-screen and multiple-choice Q&A.

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Internal Communications

Share informational or action-oriented messages organization-wide department-wise, or even to a specific user, and get full analytics on it.

We’ve Got Your Back,
at Every Step of the Way

Add-on Services

Jeeves can magnify your investment in training & support. We deliver an end-to-end experience and can help you with:

  • Training and performance support strategy design
  • Creating initial and ongoing microlearning videos
  • Augmenting your L&D team for ongoing content updates and creation

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Turbo-charge Your Training & Support Strategy

You can read and download various resources, including white papers, case studies, and articles for best training & support practices in the new normal.

Why Training Videos for Healthcare Digital Learning Are the New Standard?

Why Training Videos for Healthcare Digital Learning Are the New Standard?

When was the last time you picked up a hefty training manual and reviewed it cover-to-cover? For many of us, the closest we get to a training manual these days are the painfully simple directions that come with IKEA furniture.

What EHR Digital Learning Isn’t?

What EHR Digital Learning Isn’t?

It’s far more rare at the moment to find organizations that aren’t willing to adapt to virtual tools to support nearly all aspects of business, but it’s worth remembering that not all industries are used to leveraging all that going digital has to offer.

Maximizing Your Investment Through Microlearning & Video

Maximizing Your Investment Through Microlearning & Video

Historically, EHR training at hospitals has comprised of: 1. Classroom Training
2. Emailed Tip Sheets
But these traditional delivery mechanisms for training do not scale well.

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