Revolutionize Your Healthcare Document Management : Dexit/’s Comprehensive Features for Hospitals and Health Systems


  • Single Queue Workflow: All steps, from scanning/upload to commitment, take place in a single queue.
  • Queue Augmentation: Queues can be augmented individually to prompt users for additional reviews prior to document commitment.
  • AI Document Matching: AI matches all documents to the correct patient automatically. Users simply review the validity of the match.

Document Retrieve

  • Advanced Search: Documents are easily searchable from any screen in Dexit, as the search field is always visible.

Release of Information

  • Entire Patient Export: Export the entire patient document list.
  • Individual Data Item Export: Select specific items among resources for export.
  • Encounter-based Export: Extract data related to an encounter/date of service selectively.
  • Requester Information Form: Customizable form capturing release reasons and requester details for patient data export.
  • Release of Information Logs: Log all completed exports detailing patient info, user details, and timestamps.

Access Control

  • Fax Access Control: Regulate individual access to specific fax numbers.
  • User Access Control: Grant access to standalone launch, settings (including all queues, document types, attributes, etc.), and various screens for specific users.
  • Adding New User: Create and define roles for new users outside the organization.

Application Settings

  • Custom Attributes: Admins can create attributes in the Requester Information form
  • Templates: Admins can create custom fax cover sheets and release information fax cover sheets.
  • Admin Settings: Customize basic UI configurations like system name, date format, and hospital logo.
  • Queues: Admins can create new queues and determine which users can access them.
  • Document Types: Admins can create document types and restrict users based on protected designations.
  • Fax Numbers: Admins can assign default scan queues to any incoming fax number to ensure that all documents received on that number are automatically uploaded to a specific scan queue for processing.

Batch Scanning

  • Automated Batch Document Ingestion: Large quantities of documents can be uploaded and indexed automatically into Dexit based on pre-set parameters. No manual intervention is required.


  • Fax Integration: Documents outside of the DMS database can easily be faxed through the system’s fax server.
  • Fax Cover Sheets: Admins can create at a tenet level to ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures.

Reports and Logs

  • Audit Logs: Monitor user actions across Dexit.
  • Release of Information Logs: Logs for ROI exports, including user, form, patient details, and timestamps.
  • Productivity Reports: Monitor users’ access to specific queues and the speed at which documents/batches are indexed.
  • Dashboard: Provides real-time view of the system to managers.