The client is a large-sized health system spread across Texas, with 51 hospitals, 552 specialty care clinics, 49,000 employees, and 7,500 providers. They initiated a strategy to convert its existing instructor-led onboarding training to an effective e-learning training program for 144 courses.

Key Challenges

  • The client had a high level of geographical dispersion
  • There were multiple ways of doing the same thing across the organization that had evolved over a period of time
  • There weren’t enough trainers or space in North Texas to facilitate classroom training
  • The pressure was increasing from the North Texas market, and the business had to move to a Computer-based Training (CBT) model
  • There were existing training resources that were underutilized
  • The existing processes were also not conducive to scaling up

Solution Approach

314e’s team decided that the best way to address these issues was to implement an e-learning solution that would:

  • Facilitate more efficient onboarding
  • Maximize training resource utilization & foster standardization
  • Support the rapid development, deployment, and maintenance of training content
  • Deliver blended learning for onboarding within a physical/virtual classroom so that instructors are available to answer questions

Business Outcomes

314e and the client jointly developed a hands-on strategy that embedded real-life learning simulations. This helped the staff to learn and practice the job tasks that they would need to be successful. The collaborative learning approach was real-life contextual scenarios that were hands-on and interactive. They were also customized to the client EHR instance and were grounded in adult learning principles, which made them efficiently contribute to the organizational training needs.