Our client is a leading Minnesota-based nonprofit healthcare organization with 13 hospitals, 60 clinics, and over 2,000 staffed beds. They have approximately 8000 providers, seamlessly combining academic and community medicine to deliver world-class care.

A comprehensive overview of 314e’s abstraction and indexing service for a Minnesota nonprofit organization

Business Problem

The client was confronted with multiple pressing challenges:

  1. An approximate backlog of 778,983 pages emerged within a mere 3 months, primarily due to an OnBase Brainware system upgrade. There were delays in accessing critical patient information due to the backlog.
  2. A severe staff shortage further intensified the issue, leading to operational inefficiencies.
  3. Compounding these challenges was a critical budgetary constraint.

These issues not only jeopardized operational efficiency, but also put data accuracy and compliance at grave risk.

In light of this scenario, the organization aimed to balance their approach by efficiently addressing the existing backlog and exploring the integration of a global workforce for cost-effective HIM indexing. Time sensitivity was critical, as failure to act promptly could seriously harm the client’s operations and reputation.

Solution Approach

The client had previously benefited from our chart abstraction services. Encouraged by this, they approached us with this challenge. They were confident in our ability to address the above-mentioned issues with a tailored solution. The 314e team embarked on a mission to resolve the HIM indexing challenge through a comprehensive approach that included:

  • Efficient Knowledge Transfer: The first step involved a swift and efficient knowledge transfer process. 314e’s team meticulously documented the client’s HIM processes and requirements.

  • Establishing an Offshore HIM Team: Within a limited timeframe, 314e assembled an offshore HIM team comprising experts in medical terminology, coding, record filing, and chart abstraction. The team received extensive training through both hands-on and shadow-based methods.

  • OnBase Brainware Workflow Training: 314e provided specialized training to the Offshore HIM team on OnBase Brainware workflows.

  • Business Process Automation: Beyond mere task management, we integrated automation techniques to enhance efficiency. Our team possesses hands-on expertise with both OnBase building and Brainware workflows, ensuring adeptness in automating OnBase queues for streamlined processing and optimal efficiency.

  • Communication Cadence: 314e established a weekly communication cadence with the client. This proactive engagement facilitated seamless project progress.

  • Ensured Healthcare Regulatory Compliance: 314e prioritized the security of PHI through robust encryption protocols, safeguarding data in case of unauthorized access. Our HIM team members were granted precise permissions, with ongoing monitoring and audits to maintain data integrity. Regular audits and assessments were conducted to guarantee strict compliance with healthcare regulations.

    Additionally, our collaboration enabled us to pinpoint discrepancies in the client’s training materials. To elucidate these findings and recommend enhancements, we presented our insights through a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, assisting the client in rectifying the identified issues.

  • Maintaining Quality and Productivity: 314e set and maintained high-quality and productivity standards throughout the project, ensuring that the output not just met but exceeded the client’s expectations. Our indexing team consistently surpassed the client’s initial request of 175 pages per hour per person, achieving an impressive rate of 220 pages per hour per person after just 12 weeks. Meanwhile, our E-doc team delivered a remarkable 1100 pages per hour per person, exceeding the client’s target of 740 pages per hour per person for the same 12-week period.

Task Achieved Rate Target Rate
Indexing Team 220 pages/hour 175 pages/hour
E-doc Prep Team 1100 pages/hour 740 pages/hour

Table 1: Achievement rate by 314e’s Indexing and E-doc Delivery Team

Error Type Achieved Allowed Limit (Avg. Over 4 Weeks)
Primary critical 2-3 8
Technical 5-6 12
Document type 10-11 40
Incidental 7-8 60

Table 2: 314e consistently exceeded the client’s quality standards and expectations across various error categories

Business Outcomes

The collaboration yielded significant and positive outcomes.

  • Significant Cost Savings: 314e’s increased output and commitment to quality led the healthcare organization to realize substantial monthly savings, ultimately translating to an annual cost reduction of nearly $775,000. This amounted to half of the HIM Indexing team’s monthly salary and benefit staffing budget.

  • Rapid Achievement of Quality and Productivity Standards: In under three months, 314e achieved remarkable levels of quality and productivity. 314e was able to overcome the substantial backlog of around 778,983 pages with the dedication of just 5 resources, demonstrating their commitment to excellence.

  • 3-Year Renewal and Expanded Partnership: This remarkable success led to the renewal of the contract for an impressive 3-year period, during which 314e was entrusted with controlling all queues. The collaboration further flourished, with resource allocation increasing to 23, cementing 314e’s pivotal role in driving long-term business outcomes.

    314e’s Document Indexing Performance:

    • Currently there is a consistent achievement of less than 1% error rate
    • A team of 17 members reached a peak performance by indexing 29,560 pages in a day, with each member putting in an extra 2 hours per shift

The strategic decision to outsource and optimize HIM document indexing not only eliminated a daunting backlog but also resulted in substantial financial savings for our client. Through this partnership, the healthcare organization was able to redirect valuable resources toward its core mission of delivering world-class healthcare to the community while simultaneously enhancing operational efficiency.