A Minnesota nonprofit healthcare organization made up of ten hospitals and medical centers with over two thousand staffed beds.

Key Challenges

The 314e team was tasked with the following challenges:

  • Building an offshore team of knowledgeable and skilled Health Information Management (HIM) workers
  • Training the HIM team on OnBase Brainware workflows
  • Working down a 3+ month indexing backlog resulting from an OnBase Brainware system upgrade
  • Maintaining high quality and productivity standards throughout the project

Solution Approach

The 314e team was able to:

  • Quickly create a diverse HIM team well-versed in medical terminology, coding, record filing, and chart abstraction. By utilizing both hands-on and shadow-based training, the HIM team efficiently completed the knowledge transfer needed to begin working on the backlog almost immediately
  • Develop a weekly communication cadence with the client, resulting in quick resolution of any potential workflow and training issues

Business Outcomes

In less than three months, 314e established high levels of quality and productivity, resulting in the healthcare organization realizing a significant monthly and subsequent annual cost savings. There was a saving of almost half of the monthly salary and benefit staffing budget. An amount of almost $775 thousand is saved annually.