The customer is a large health system in the eastern belt of the US that believes patients should get the very best care and support in a way that improves their lives. The focus of the health system is to provide an unmatched experience for consumers and their care teams. They have an extensive spread of care facilities ranging from community hospitals, academic medical centers, a children’s hospital, a home care facility, and 2,000+ physicians supporting the health system.

Key Challenges

  • COVID pandemic was an unprecedented challenge to ICUs of the organization
  • The utilization of ICU beds exceeded any possibilities of organization and planning
  • The need of monitoring caseload, local and regional trends and the current use & availability of resources in ICUs had become even more important
  • They had an immediate need to put together an implementation of a specialized COVID dashboard with near real-time information about various Key Result Areas (KRAs)

Solution Approach

Created an enterprise-level COVID and Vaccine administration dashboard using the Synapse analytics platform by effectively combining multiple data sources from different sources that the health systems used by providing:

  • A seamless mechanism for ETL/ELT processes in a code-free visual environment to easily ingest data from several sources.
  • Meaningful Insights from real-time data like Positivity rates, Unit Capacities, and Availability, Caseload Statistics, COVID-19 Outcome Measures, Heat Maps, Vaccine Inventory Analysis, Vaccine Rates in critical areas of population