A large health system in the Eastern United States, that has an extensive spread of care facilities ranging from community hospitals, academic medical centers, a children’s hospital, to a home care facility, along with 2,000+ physicians supporting the health system.

Key Challenges

The 314e team had to come up with a solution to overcome the following challenges put forth by COVID-19:

  • The utilization of ICU beds exceeded all possibilities of prior planning and organization
  • The need to monitor caseload, local & regional trends, and the current use & availability of resources in ICUs had become even more important
  • The urgency to put together an implementation of a specialized COVID-19 dashboard with near real-time information about various Key Result Areas (KRAs)

Solution Approach

314e created an enterprise-level COVID-19 and vaccine administration dashboard using the Azure Synapse Analytics platform by effectively combining data from different sources that the health systems used by providing:

  • A seamless mechanism for ETL/ELT processes in a code-free visual environment to easily ingest data from several sources
  • Meaningful insights from real-time data like positivity rates, unit capacities and availability, caseload statistics, COVID-19 outcome measures, heat maps, vaccine inventory analysis, and vaccine rates in critical areas of the population

With the help of real-time data and the Azure Synapse Analytics platform, 314e was able to help the client put together a dashboard that revealed real-time information about various Key Result Areas (KRAs), allowing close monitoring, measurement, and improvement thereof.