IT’s Role in Supporting and Enabling Value-Based Care

Aired on: Wed, February 16, 2022

In this webinar, Dr. Siv shares his expert insights on how value-based care can improve overall patient outcomes and control medical costs with the help of Information technology. The session was well attended and ended with an engaging Q&A session.

The key topics discussed during the session include:

  • The processes that a Value-Based Care effort is comprised of
  • The parts of Value-Based Care that need provider-IT enablement
  • Best practices for IT to follow in order to make a VBC effort in their organization successful
Dr. Siv Raman
Speaker: Dr. Siv Raman
Chief Product Officer at 314e
With 18 years of Fortune 50 leadership experience in Health IT and analytics. He is an industry expert on the healthcare payer & provider space with focus on analytics, informatics, big data innovation & population health management.