Data Archival - Minimizing Risk, Maximizing ROI

Aired on: Thursday, Dec 02, 2021

In this webinar, speakers discussed the best practices on maximizing ROI & minimizing risk for data archival projects for healthcare provider organizations. The session was well attended and ended with an engaging Q&A session. The key issues discussed here were:

  • Use of non-actionable legacy data with analytics
  • Challenges a health system faces while sunsetting an application
  • Difference between an excellent vendor and an average vendor
  • Technical difficulties during data migration
  • Importance of good collaboration between the vendor and the organization to make the project successful
Chuck Podesta
Speaker 1: Chuck Podesta
Chief Information Officer at Renown Health
Chuck Podesta is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience leading some of the nation’s top healthcare IT teams.
Saad Chaudhry
Speaker 2: Saad Chaudhry
Chief Information Officer at Luminis Health
Saad Chaudhry has more than 17 years of progressive technology experience in the health care industry serving in leadership roles at Johns Hopkins Medicine, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, McKesson, Gartner, and the Saudi German Hospitals Group in the UAE.
Abhishek Begerhotta
Speaker 3: Abhishek Begerhotta
Chief Executive Officer at 314e Corporation
Abhishek has worked in Healthcare IT since 1996 when he was involved in the custom development of one of the largest and most sophisticated EHR’s in the history of the HIT industry.
Anthony Guerra
Speaker 4: Anthony Guerra
Founder & Editor-in-Chief at healthsystemCIO
Anthony Guerra is the founder and editor-in-chief of healthsystemCIO, a publication dedicated to serving the information needs of healthcare CIOs.