E-Learning ROI Calculator

Every organization is looking to implement eLearning in some way shape or form. But, do you have an estimate of how much would you save by implementing eLearning instead of Instructor-Led Training (ILT) in your organization?

It depends on a variety of parameters like the number of EHR users in your organization, the number of courses that you are planning to convert to eLearning, hourly wages, and more.

To make life simple, 314e has built a simple but accurate eLearning RoI Calculator. Just answer a few questions and based on industry standards and our research we will predict how much you could potentially save by replacing ILT with eLearning. Let’s get started!


This RoI calculation is based on available data points and some estimates. If you would like to get an RoI estimate that is custom-tailored for your organization, we would be happy to get on a call with you.

Everything You Need to Know About FHIR & 5 Actionable Use Cases

White Paper

FHIR White Paper

Includes 5 Actionable Use Cases for Healthcare IT


Learn everything you need to know about FHIR, including:

  • FHIR overview for the c-suite
  • How is FHIR different than other data standards?
  • FHIR accelerator projects
  • Major EHR API marketplaces
  • Actionable FHIR use cases

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Why You Should Implement eLearning for Epic Training

White Paper

eLearning for Epic Training White Paper

Cost Saving Examples Included


Implement eLearning for Epic Training

Learn about:

  • The difference between eLearning and Digital Learning
  • Advantages of eLearning for Epic training
  • The costs of a training program, and the savings from using eLearning
  • The costs/savings of using eLearning for new employee onboarding

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Audio/Video Production and Editing

In this video we will show you how to enter a patient’s history using OpenEMR
In this video, we show you a 1-minute microlearning that covers using voice in Google docs
In this video example, we show you the benefits of SPEKI. A modern learning performance tool
In this video example, we show you the benefits of MUSPELL, providing seamless access to patients’ historical, clinical, and financial data at the point of care

Glossary of Epic Terms

A Definitive Glossary of Epic EHR Terminology

Epic EHR Terminology

13 Full Pages of Keywords


Epic Terms with Definitions

This is your guide for Epic terminology, including:

  • Epic Applications (Inpatient, Outpatient and Ancillary
  • Grand Central, ASAP, ClinDoc, OpTime, Stork, Beaker, Bones, etc.

  • Epic Roles
  • Analyst, Credentialed Trainer, Project Manager, Super User, etc.

  • Epic Tools
  • Chronicles, UserWeb, Narrator, Orion, Protocol, Sherlock, etc

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Revenue Cycle Services Price Calculator

Nationally, a significant percentage of practices overpay for Revenue Cycle Services! Find out what you should pay for high quality, technology enabled billing services in 2 minutes!

Choose a service package that suits your needs

Package Gold Platinum
Demographic Capture​ Yes Yes​
Patient Payment Posting Yes Yes
Charge Capture Yes Yes​
Claims Scrubbing Yes Yes​
Payment Posting+Unapplied Yes Yes​
Denial Management Yes Yes​
Insurance AR Follow-up​ Yes Yes​
Credit Balance Management​ Yes Yes​
Patient Statement Generation Yes Yes​
Month-end Closing​ Yes Yes​
Verification of Benefits​ - Yes
Appeals Handling - Yes
Advanced MIS Reporting​ - Yes
Pre-auth & Referrals - Yes
Dedicated Account Manager - Yes
revenue cycle services

Answer the following questions

You should not be paying more than X.XX% of your collections.

Read More

Managed RCM
Managed RCM
Old AR Recovery
Old AR Recovery
Coding Management
Coding Management

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How to Deliver the Best Epic Training in the Industry

Blog Post

Read about a few ways that hospitals and large healthcare organizations can encourage Epic adoption by providing efficient, effective training to their end-users. Click here to read the post.
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Interactive eLearning Prototype

Here is a sample of an interactive eLearning exercise. You will see that the user can have a variety of interactions with the exercise – clicks, data-entry, match the answers, and more to create a lasting learning experience.

Training RoI Calculator

Let us walk you through another interactive eLearning exercise solving a very real problem of how to calculate the RoI of your training investment. This will also give you a sense of what kind of content and interaction can be developed to make eLearning interesting and long-lasting.