Analytics on FHIR: Healthcare Business Intelligence Reimagined

Aired on: Thursday, April 15, 2021

Missed our live webinar? No worries, you can watch the recorded version here.

This 314e’s session from CHIME21 Spring Forum covers the different topics from the world of advanced analytics in the healthcare domain such as:

  • Online Transaction Processing & Online Analytical Processing,
  • State of Data Analytics
  • Data warehouse, Data lake, Lakehouse, etc.
  • New technologies in healthcare-FHIR®

Speakers also talk about the architecture of Muspell CDR - FHIR® based Clinical data repository, a 314e product.

Jawad Khan

Speaker 1: Jawad Khan

Chief Data Officer at Wellforce
Jawad is an established IT executive with proven experience integrating technology and business solutions for multiple organizations.

Abhishek Begerhotta

Speaker 2: Abhishek Begerhotta

Chief Executive Officer, 314e Corporation
Abhishek has worked in Healthcare IT since 1996 when he was involved in the custom development of one of the largest and most sophisticated EHR’s in the history of the HIT industry.