314e Client Testimonials

Check out our 314e client testimonials to learn about some of our work. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our clients.

“314e provided us with several difficult to find consultants for our Epic implementation who worked well with our team. They are always helpful, responsive and effective.”
Barbara Johnson
Director - Information Services
Rockford Health System
“Over the 8 months 314e has provided over 130 At-the-Elbow support resources throughout our last four Go-Live Waves. We plan to continue utilizing their support for our fifth and final wave this February.”
Ellen Pollack
Chief Nursing Informatics Officer UCLA Health
“At Reading Health System, we used 314e to assist us with our Epic implementation. 314e consultants did a high quality job on numerous aspects of the project including planning, workflow analysis, configuration, training, integration and reporting. They also did a fantastic job of assisting us with Go-Live support where they provided close to 100 at-the-elbow support staff for our Epic Go-Lives in both the Inpatient and Ambulatory settings.”
Saravana Govindasamy
Program Manager for PMO Reading Health System
“314e has provided consulting resources on the technical side of the Epic install including desktop support, end user device specialists, SharePoint developers, database architects and technical and infrastructure project managers. 314e has been a trusted and integral partner in the success of our Epic project.”
Lee Herrmann
Chief Healthcare Technology Officer
Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System
“314e has been a tremendous help to our organization with their strong Caché background, overall skill set, and a great attitude. The resources we have in place are a wonderful addition to our team, particularly when it comes to development efforts around Ensemble interface engine and training.”
Michael Day
VP - Information Technology Verity Health System
“314e provided us with services to fully implement our Epic data warehouse, advance our analytics infrastructure, and develop sophisticated business intelligence content to make us more competitive in the marketplace.”
Dov Marocco
Chief Innovation & Improvement Officer Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System

KLAS 314e Client Testimonials

“The quality of work from 314e is very good. The consultant we use really thinks things through. He doesn’t make major mistakes and understands the whole picture. He views things holistically; developing that skill can be difficult. We appreciate his view on tackling projects. As far as content and due diligence, the level of performance has been great for us. Our consultant has managed our staff to make sure they get things done on time. There is always a delay with IT work, and he is always following up to make sure we are as close to being on time as we can be. I am satisfied with him. We have extended him at our facility multiple times. I don’t see a lot of room for improvement.”
Director / Physician
“314e consistently hits deadlines. When they miss deadlines, I don’t blame them because we either didn’t give them the things we needed up front or changed the requirements on them. We did a lot of things like that, and 314e rolled with it and still delivered what we needed. I get our money’s worth and then some because their CEO works with me to make sure I get the value I perceived in using 314e. As long as I have money, I will continue to use 314e.”
Manager / Analyst
“I invested in 314e because they had the best and deepest business model for what I was looking for. They are really good business partners. I chose them because they had the ability to throw warm bodies at me to accomplish almost anything I needed. I don’t have to go out and find people myself because 314e has a deep bench of people who are on salary. That helps me know 314e is always going to have people at my disposal when I need them. 314e is not like other vendors who tell me they can do something but have to go out and build a team. 314e built their team for the long term, and that is one of the things I appreciate about them.”
Manager / Analyst
“I keep going back to 314e because I believe in their product. Also, they have been great business partners. I like that Abhishek Begerhotta, 314e’s CEO, works with me and negotiates with me. I like 314e’s leadership team a lot. We have a great working relationship. The executive involvement is very strong. The executives are hands off when they need to be hands off and hands on when they need to be hands on.”
Manager / Analyst
“I feel that 314e has an excellent understanding of Epic’s implementation processes. Their consultants are very technical and knowledgeable regarding how to implement Epic’s system in a way that suits our needs. We are very happy with our decision to recruit 314e. We will definitely consider 314e for our future needs.”
Director / Physician