Your Guide to Reducing Support Tickets With Jeeves

Your Guide to Reducing Support Tickets With Jeeves

15 September, 2022 | 7 Min Read|by Ryan Seratt

The need for software support in healthcare is inevitable, especially with the transition to EMRs. Service Desks have been one of the key solutions that health systems relied on when it came to providing support for the use of healthcare applications. While this was one solution that healthcare was dependent on, it came with a bunch of issues. One of the key problems is that clinicians don’t want to use the helpdesk and often find the response time to be too slow.

In this article, you will discover:

Why Support Tickets Don’t Scale Well for Healthcare

Healthcare is one such service that requires immediate solutions and decisions made with due diligence. Support tickets somehow fail to meet the requirement of catering to speed. The solutions provided must also be standardized and relevant to the need.

Another problem with support tickets for EHR support is that there tend to be a lot of information silos. In healthcare, information silos exist due to a large amount of information and specialization required for each individual area. The ticketing system can ultimately affect patient care.

This article gets into the details of all the problems with support tickets and also suggests the means to reduce the support tickets with Jeeves (an efficient alternative solution to Service Desks).

4 Support Ticket Problems That Jeeves Can Solve

There is an emerging need to solve the problems put forth by support tickets mainly because it impacts the way your clinicians are going to use the healthcare software that is a part of your health system. Healthcare certainly could use an effective application support tool that provides users solutions as and when they face problems in the workflow.

Jeeves is an instant in-application support tool that provides just-in-time self-help assets for any questions that arise in the workflow. When it comes to providing support for healthcare applications, Jeeves can help with rapid content creation, review of the support training content, and seamless delivery of the created content through intelligent search and suggestions.

1. High turnaround time

The solution provided for workflow problems through support tickets is a multiple-step process. The average time taken to resolve an issue is very high; this causes delays and stalls the workflow’s tasks. This leads to your clinicians getting frustrated as they are put on hold for a longer duration, even for the smallest of queries. This can result in the clinicians not wanting to ask for help and finding ways to move forward in the workflow. All of this would eventually lead to patient care being compromised as your clinician spends the majority of their time dealing with healthcare applications due to poor support offered.

How does Jeeves help?

Jeeves solves this problem and avoids any kind of delays in providing support through:

  • Built-in assets accessible from within the EHR to save time away from the job
  • Just-in-time self-help assets that can be accessed in the moment of need without having to wait for support from anybody else
  • Bite-sized content that can be created and assimilated quickly and retained in the long run

Here’s a quick video that can help you create support content on Jeeves within a few minutes:

Jeeves Content Recorder Feature

2. Inconsistency with resolution

Manual resolution through the help desk leads to an inconsistency in the solution provided, even though a database of answers is maintained. This happens mainly because the software-related issues are routed to different agents on different occasions leading to increased confusion. It is important to understand that your clinician’s primary responsibility is to focus on patient care and not deal with the healthcare software, so receiving solutions from different agents on different occasions will add to their existing confusion.

How does Jeeves help?

Jeeves, as stated earlier, offers a quick and effective solution. Jeeves also breaks the inconsistencies in support solutions by offering the following:

  • Centralized creation of support content that is monitored and regulated by the admin to ensure that the same content is provided to the users every time a problem arises
  • Crowdsourced content from your in-house super users who best understand your clinician problems and provide solutions in the best interest of clinicians

3. Increase in support costs

Support tickets generally tend to be very costly. It could sometimes be as costly as $20 per call. This would mean spending enormous amounts just for supporting your users on software applications. This again would add to the overall software training and use the budget.

How does Jeeves help?

With Jeeves, the costs can be cut down to a certain extent, and money spent can be made efficient because of the following reasons:

  • It saves money by reducing calls to the help desk
  • It allows for the rapid creation of content and stores content that you already have
  • It also cuts down costs by enabling your existing team to create support content

4. Lack of immediate support

One major issue with resolving software problems using support tickets is that there is no guaranteed solution in the moment of need. This leads to clinicians scratching their heads and reaching conclusions based on their best knowledge. Not only does this cause physician fatigue and frustration in the short run, but it can also lead to a lasting negative impact on patient care. The case of clinicians solving EHR issues on their own can get risky if a wrong action that could impact patient health is taken due to the lack of required knowledge and understanding.

How does Jeeves help?

Jeeves resolves this issue by offering just-in-time problem-specific or role-specific support assets to help the clinician in the moment of need. This provides instant gratification to your clinicians as they can uncover solutions on their own, especially when they need it the most. It also improves your clinician’s confidence in the EHR or other healthcare software. All of this ultimately would lead to improved physician metrics and patient care.

A Quick Guide to Access Support Assets on Jeeves

You can get instant access to on-demand learning assets using the built-in Search functionality in Jeeves. Jeeves uses a high-quality NLP-based search engine which makes the training assets available as a part of the learning library. The two types of file formats currently supported by Jeeves are PDF & MP4.

This is the Home screen of Jeeves, and this is from where you will be able to search and access your support training assets.

Jeeves Homescreen

Steps to search for an asset on Jeeves:

Step 1: Enter the search query in the input field

Step 2: Click on the Search button

AI Powered Search in Jeeves

A list of results similar to that displayed in the image will appear to meet the search criteria.

TIP: To produce highly refined results, a sort and filter can be applied to the columns. Assets can also be shared with colleagues using the share icon in the Action Column.

Step 3: Click on any Asset Title to view the content.

This will either open up a video player or the pdf reader. You can like/dislike the asset and send feedback to the author and the admin of the organization.

Jeeves Video Player

This image is a representation of how the video player would appear on Jeeves. The markers (blue dots) over the timestamp in the video player shows the points in time where the search phrase is uttered. This makes it easy to quickly find answers for your search.

Jeeves Pdf Reader This image is a representation of how the pdf reader would appear on Jeeves.

Thus, looking for solutions with Jeeves is as easy as one-two-three. The support content offered is not just quick to search but also quick to comprehend. With Jeeves, it is time to bid farewell to all delays in providing and accessing healthcare software support assets.

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