What does Best in KLAS for a vendor mean?

What does Best in KLAS for a vendor mean?

25 November, 2021 | 3 Min Read|by 314e Employee

When it comes to selecting healthcare IT vendors to support EHR implementation, there is a fairly long list of qualifications for which to evaluate. Length and depth of domain experience certainly count, as can certain designations and certifications to this end. For example, “HIPAA compliance” in and of itself isn’t a regulated term, but you’re going to see it used a lot of times when it comes down to competitive analysis (as interpretations are teased out). Another less-seen, uniquely relevant phrase you may see is “Best in KLAS.” You know it’s a good thing, but what exactly does it mean for healthcare IT vendors to be considered Best in KLAS? Today we’ll answer just that!

Spoiler Alert: 314e is Best in KLAS!

In early 2020, we shared the exciting news that 314e was, again, awarded Best in KLAS. The journey to this award began in 2018 when we first earned this prestigious designation. It’s important to share this upfront to demonstrate that we’ve had direct experience with KLAS and that we sought out to compete amongst industry leaders for these awards, recognizing just how valuable is the aim of this dedicated research organization.

Who Is KLAS And What Do They Have To Do With Healthcare IT?

KLAS is, at heart, a research collective. They have developed a unique and effective method for seeking, acquiring, assessing, and reporting data for various players in the healthcare arena (predominantly healthcare providers) for the purpose of improving tools for patient care delivery. Among their success is the ability to capture feedback from various stakeholders in an anonymous-yet-faithful manner, on a large scale (to the tune of thousands of participants) to truly impact perceptions and drive positive change.

From a healthcare IT perspective, this is vital to avoid the pitfalls of counting on IT vendors, for example, to self-report success and/or provide referenceable client feedback. (We all know that referral calls are often cherry-picked to be the most favorable to the vendor, often narrowly avoiding a full-blown conflict-of-interest.) It also creates a sustainable forum for capturing trends, opportunities for systemic improvement in care delivery and encourages innovation to lead the industry.

KLAS Awarded Healthcare Vendors: The Who’s Who List

One of the value propositions that KLAS and their yearly Best in KLAS recognition reports bring to the market is a Who’s Who of software and healthcare IT services vendors (like 314e). The shortlist of award recipients represents an openness on the part of named vendors to allow KLAS to interrogate their processes, their technology, their clients, and their users (since the latter two are not the same stakeholders and may have very different opinions).

In a spirit of growth and value-add to the collective goal of improved patient care and provider experience, transparency is prioritized, and feedback is welcomed. This is not a comfortable place for many, but it’s nevertheless valuable and encourages growth for everyone (willing to be) involved.

Best In KLAS Helps Health Systems In Vendor Selection

As hospitals and health systems look to vendors for staff augmentation for EHR or HIE implementation efforts, keeping track of certifications and awards (such as Best in KLAS) helps to narrow the field in terms of industry leadership. What KLAS, in particular, also looks for is a collaborative spirit with a focus on end-user satisfaction, which resonates with many CIOs and CTOs who have experienced the alternative in a vendor relationship and suffered as a result.

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