Interview with 314es CEO Abhishek Begerhotta

Interview with 314es CEO Abhishek Begerhotta

16 February, 2021 | 2 Min Read|by 314e Employee
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HIStalk, healthcare IT’s unbiased source for industry news, sat down with 314e’s CEO Abhishek Begerhotta for an in-depth interview about wide-ranging issues in the Healthcare IT industry covering hospitals’ journey of complying with 21st Century Cures Act, Healthcare Analytics adoption, post-COVID e-learning and Training, Robotic Process Automation, Payer-to-payer exchange and future of the company.

Key Excerpts “Most organizations we know struggle with managing complex ETLs and getting data to a warehouse. The processes are brittle and do not support any form of self service or business agility.”

“Almost all of our customers have started at least one pilot initiative around RPA in some way, shape, or form, and many have at least one proof-of-concept in place. Most of them don’t have in-house capability to deal with this and are working with partners like 314e.”

“There are certainly some things lost by not having those face-to-face interactions where you build and strengthen relationships and alignment between IT and operations. So I do believe that some key personnel will start traveling more frequently when normal travel resumes. But overall, my gut tells me this trend of virtual implementations will continue.”

“At 314e, we are playing the long game; the infinite game. Our goal is to become the go-to technology provider of services for cloud, analytics, integration, innovation, and automation for healthcare.”

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