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Team 314e at ViVE 2024: A Symphony of Connections and Innovation

03 April, 2024 | 3 Min Read | By 314e Employee
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  • Team 314e proudly took center stage at the esteemed ViVE 2024 conference, a premier annual gathering where digital health executives converge to catalyze transformative partnerships. Our sales trailblazers and product management wizards blended into the dynamic gathering of innovators and care providers. They also engaged with senior industry leaders to exhibit and drive cutting-edge solutions designed specifically for healthcare contexts. 

    In recent years, ViVE has risen as the ultimate hotspot for healthcare IT aficionados. This year,  it served as a groundbreaking experience that united C-suite maestros, top-tier digital health influencers, savvy buyers, cutting-edge startups, visionary investors, and solution providers in a collaborative journey to redefine healthcare's future. 

    Team 314e at ViVE 2024

    At ViVE 2024, the spotlight shone brightly on the transformative power of AI and high-performance healthcare applications. ViVE 2024 was more than just a conference fostering collaboration and networking. It was a celebration of the possibilities AI unfolds for the future of healthcare, and Team 314e was at the heart of this pioneering narrative.

    The air of innovation being all around, the experience was an exhilarating one. It blended the technological prowess of many healthcare IT professionals with the unwavering interest of clinical professions from all the top health systems across the United States. 

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    The Air of Innovation

    Against the backdrop of our booth, designated ‘#1530’, our team set up an interesting layout. Their mission? To not only showcase the cutting-edge solutions crafted specifically for healthcare contexts but to engage with attendees and senior industry leaders alike. This engagement aimed at fostering connections that transcend the boundaries of conventional conferences.

    In the bustling ViVE arena, we garnered immense attention. From riveting discussions on the intricacies of healthcare IT to live demonstrations of our AI-driven solutions, every interaction underscored our commitment to shaping the future of healthcare technology. Visitors gathered at the booth to get a detailed look at Jeeves, our AI-driven Just-in-time training platform for EHR users; Dexit, a HIPAA-compliant Document Management System; Muspell Archive, a FHIR-native Healthcare Data Archival Solution; ZSegment, a cloud-native integration engine; Veritable, a real-time insurance eligibility verification and claims status check software; and Practifly, a bespoke healthcare marketing platform.

    The Stars of The Show

    Our products kept our team members busy with presentations and discussions about solving industry problems related to patient health data management, patient engagement, claims and reimbursements, and healthcare application prototyping. 

    However, the real stars of the show were our exhilarating events that not only added a vibrant layer to the conference but also showcased our commitment to innovation and community engagement. 

    Oscar Moments 

    The first, aptly named 'Oscar Moments', invited enthusiastic visitors to step into the glamorous world of cinema. Those who signed up were treated to a unique experience, receiving a customized portrait featuring themselves as the face of an Oscar Award-winning movie star. This personalized touch not only added a touch of glamor to the conference but also underscored Team 314e's commitment to providing memorable and engaging interactions beyond the realm of conventional tech conferences.

    This Mic’s Got Talent

    In a harmonious blend of technology and creativity, the second event, 'This Mic's Got Talent,' demonstrated the transformative power of our product, Jeeves. Attendees were given the opportunity to showcase their voiceover skills, recording their voices at the event. The magic unfolded as Jeeves, driven by advanced AI, transformed these recordings into tonally-improved narrations. This innovative showcase not only highlighted the capabilities of our cutting-edge AI system but also left attendees in awe of the seamless fusion of technology and creativity within the healthcare landscape.

    Team 314e at ViVE 2024

    Philanthropy With a Mission

    Beyond the thrill, Team 314e took a purposeful stance with 'Philanthropy with a Purpose.' Every demo completed at our booth contributed to a meaningful cause—combating physician burnout through our partnership with Sharp Index, a non-profit organization committed to mitigating physician burnout and preventing suicide.

    Through this initiative, we were fortunate to contribute to a critical cause within the healthcare landscape. As attendees engaged with our demos, they played a direct role in making a positive impact on healthcare professionals' well-being.

    Sharp index-1.png

    Until Next Time!

    As the curtains fall on ViVE 2024, Team 314e reflects on an extraordinary experience filled with innovation, connections, and shared aspirations. The conference was not just an event; it was a catalyst for transformative change in the healthcare IT landscape. Stay tuned for more updates and let the ViVE spirit continue to inspire innovation in the ever-evolving world of healthcare technology!

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