Leveraging Health IT Offshore Services For 24/7 Customer Support

22 January, 2024 | 3 Min | By 314e Employee
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  • Hospitals and health systems are in the unique position of serving several customers and end users with their technology solutions. IT stakeholders include physicians and clinical staff, patients, hospital administrators/executives, and vendors or payers. For this reason, shoring up a robust customer support model is key to ensure around the clock coverage for issues and questions. After all, healthcare doesn’t stop at 5:00 PM. One of the best ways that health organizations can ensure help is readily available for all their various customers is to leverage IT offshore services for healthcare solutions.

    Offshore Services For Healthcare Don’t Sleep

    Shouldering the burden of an internal 24/7/365 support team is no small task. Hospital IT departments are often over taxed as it is, and introducing the need for weekend, evening, and holiday customer support is a significant load in and of itself. By tapping into trained offshore health IT services, healthcare systems can utilize talents from various time zones. This provides real-time assistance from live resources who are operating at their best, rather than running on fumes into the wee hours of the morning.

    Optimized user experience goes a long way to encourage adoption of EHRs and other integrated solutions, and there is nothing better for a struggling end user than to be able to quickly and effectively reach someone to help.

    Scale Your IT Department With Help IT Offshore Support

    Another benefit to hospitals that leverage offshore support for their IT services is redundancy of knowledge base. The industry has a well-known tendency for turnover throughout the various departments, from care delivery to administration, so lining up trained resources who can step in as needed from front-line support to back-end managed services helps ensure consistent user experience without outages or logjams.

    Professional Offshore Support For Healthcare Isn’t Just About Warm Bodies

    Many envision a generic, frustrating call center when they think about overseas support, but this is the unfortunate stereotype that prevents many organizations from enjoying the benefits of additional help for end users. Professional offshore support for hospitals are trained extensions of the local staff. In fact, the more that health systems adopt cloud technology for their IT solutions, the more depth of customer support available via offshore partners. Many help desk tickets are resolved swiftly and fully by enabled IT pros, ready and available to assist day or night!

    Under The Covers: Offshore Services Focused Behind The Scenes

    Not ready for external customer-facing resources? Not a problem! Position internal staff to best show up for customer support by utilizing offshore services for back-end health IT tasks and management. This is a great way to even out the workload so that everyone is functioning efficiently and with the tools that best support and reflect the organization.There is no harm in recruiting outside help to run the technology infrastructure for the health system, only from ignoring the resources ready and available to step in.

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