Inside the Innovation Hub: 314e at HIMSS 2024

04 April, 2024 | 4 Min Read | By 314e Employee
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  • The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual event is a central meeting point for healthcare professionals and IT specialists. Over 30,000 members attended the event in Orlando, Florida. It was a focal point for exploring trends and addressing challenges faced by healthcare IT and management systems.

    Amidst the electrifying atmosphere at HIMSS 2024, Team 314e stood tall and asserted its presence confidently. Our sales professionals and product management gurus blended into the diverse community of innovators and healthcare practitioners. They swiftly engaged with influential figures and curious industry onlookers to showcase 314e's cutting-edge solutions. Team 314e's energy was a testament to the event's theme of shaping the future of healthcare IT.

    Mate,Casey and Joel Kickstart the campaign

    How We Kick-started Our Exhibition

    As attendees dispersed across the conference venue, eagerly seeking captivating ideas in products and personalities, many naturally gravitated towards Booth #2391, hosted by 314e. The buzz around the booth quickly drew attention, and for good reason. It offered many engagement opportunities, featuring our innovative products alongside exciting plans to inject some fun into the gathering.

    They explored our array of offerings, including Jeeves, our AI-powered Just-in-time training platform tailored for EHR users; Dexit, a HIPAA-compliant Document Management System; Muspell Archive, a FHIR-native Healthcare Data Archival Solution; ZSegment, a cloud-native healthcare integration engine; Veritable, a real-time insurance eligibility verification and claims status check software; and Practifly, a personalized healthcare marketing platform. However, the true spotlight belonged to the healthcare IT leaders who graced our booth with their presence.
    Team 314e planned many events to honor the commitment, grit, and journey of all the healthcare IT leaders who engaged with us.

    Teeing Off at Topgolf

    Another exciting event that garnered plenty of attention as part of our presence at HIMSS 2024 was Topgolf. Our elite prospects had a great day out at the world-famous driving range, and our sales experts got a first-hand look at some incredible precision swings. The event was a huge hit that sparked many sparkling conversations over great music and good food at Topgolf. 


    Healthcare IT Superheroes Everywhere!

    Booth No. 2391 buzzed with excitement as healthcare IT leaders streamed in, intrigued by a special event dubbed 'Superhero Moments.' Eager participants eagerly signed up to receive a remarkable likeness of themselves transformed into their favorite superhero.

    Each participant received a bespoke portrait depicting themselves as a superhero character, creating a memorable and personalized experience. This unique touch left a lasting impression on participants, elevating their engagement and ensuring an unforgettable experience. Team 314e orchestrated captivating interactions that transcended the confines of traditional tech conferences, enchanting visitors with their innovative approach.

    This Mic’s Got Talent

    In a seamless fusion of technology and imagination, another event, titled 'This Mic's Got Talent’, unfolded at the 314e booth. It showcased the transformative potential of our flagship, just-in-time EHR training platform, Jeeves. Participants were invited to display their voiceover prowess by recording their voices at the event. 

    The interest ensued as Jeeves, powered by sophisticated AI, enhanced these recordings into polished narrations. This innovative demonstration not only underscored the prowess of our state-of-the-art AI system but also left attendees marveling at the seamless integration of technology and creativity within the healthcare domain.

    Scoring Straight Threes

    Attendees were also offered an exclusive chance to witness the thrilling matchup between the Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic at the Kia Center Arena. They were invited to register for a product demonstration to qualify for a special raffle, offering coveted Presidents Suite tickets. The raffle generated remarkable excitement, providing our sales specialists and product management team ample opportunities to interact with numerous healthcare professionals.

     Our Dynamic Sales Team at the Nets VS Magic Game

    Parting Words

    It's safe to say that we received an overwhelming response at HIMSS 2024. It reaffirms the importance of our work in shaping healthier, happier, and more efficient healthcare workers at the bedside and behind the scenes. We're grateful for such opportunities to collaborate and innovate for better patient care! 

    We hope to see you at HIMSS 2025!

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