How to Deliver the Best Epic Training in Healthcare

26 July, 2023 | 7 Min | By Ryan Seratt
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  • There are many ways that a health system can choose to implement an EHR, such as Epic. Some take the slow and steady approach, while others need fast and furious. Regardless of the pace, a critical aspect of EHR implementation and adoption is training.

    As seasoned navigators of the Healthcare IT seas, you understand that seamless Epic training is the compass that guides your organization toward delivering exceptional patient care. But like any voyage, challenges may loom on the horizon, and we’re here to be your steadfast crew, helping you conquer those obstacles and steer toward success.

    Some key challenges that this blog can help you tackle are - deciding on the best kind of Epic training, determining the right Epic training mix, how to measure the effectiveness of Epic training provided, and how to navigate Epic upgrades with the right training.

    This blog covers:

    Building a Strong Foundation With Onboarding Training

    Setting the Stage for Success:

    As a healthcare leader, you know that seamless onboarding is the key to successful EHR adoption. It all starts with the training your team receives on day one, driven by a well-structured onboarding program that sets the tone for what lies ahead. When your team is equipped with the right knowledge and tools from the beginning, they’ll confidently navigate through the complexities of Epic training.

    • Develop a comprehensive onboarding plan well in advance. Outline the key objectives, timelines, and responsibilities
    • Provide access to user-friendly Epic training materials and resources that they can refer to on their first day of training, ensuring they feel adequately prepared

    Crafting the Epic Onboarding Curriculum

    Every role in your organization requires a unique set of Epic modules to excel. Tailoring the curriculum to cater to individual requirements ensures that your team receives the most relevant and effective Epic training.

    • Conduct role-based assessments to identify the specific modules and functionalities most relevant to each role within the organization
    • Design customized Epic training paths for different job functions, ensuring that training is not overwhelming with unnecessary information
    • Provide opportunities where users can practice real-life scenarios, reinforcing their understanding of the system’s practical application

    Overcoming the Obstacles

    Change is never easy, but you have the power to transform skeptics into champions. As a healthcare leader, you play a pivotal role in overcoming resistance to change. We’ll show you practical strategies to manage time constraints without compromising on the quality and comprehensiveness of your Epic training.

    • Create a supportive Epic training environment that encourages open communication and addresses employees’ concerns regarding the EHR
    • Appoint internal champions or superusers who have successfully navigated the system, and have them mentor and support their peers during the onboarding process
    • Implement a flexible training approach that caters to various learning styles

    Ensuring Continuous Improvement With Just-in-Time Training

    Unveiling the Power of Just-in-Time Training

    Imagine having an answer at your fingertips whenever your team faces a challenge during EHR usage. Just-in-Time Training is the secret sauce to empower continuous learning. By providing on-demand training, you foster a culture of knowledge-hungry professionals who are always ready to enhance their skills.

    • Establish a robust knowledge base or a learning library that contains quick references, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides for common EHR challenges
    • Integrate help features within the EHR system through a JIT training tool like Jeeves, allowing users to access relevant training materials while using the application
    • Encourage peer-to-peer learning through discussion forums or virtual platforms where users can share best practices and seek advice from experienced users

    Resources at Your Fingertips

    Knowledge is the greatest treasure, and Epic can guide you through a trove of resources. From knowledge bases to self-paced e-learning modules, you’ll have a vast arsenal to complement your training initiatives. Additionally, we’ll show you how to leverage Epic’s own support and resources to take your training to the next level.

    • Collaborate with Epic’s support team to gain insights into best practices, new features, and additional training opportunities
    • Partner with online training platforms like Jeeves to access supplementary resources and training materials tailored to your organization’s needs
    • Organize periodic webinars or workshops conducted by industry experts to introduce advanced topics and the latest updates in the Healthcare IT landscape

    Evaluating Training Effectiveness

    In the dynamic world of Healthcare IT, you need to measure the impact of your ongoing training initiatives. Discover the secrets to evaluating training effectiveness, so you can fine-tune your strategy and drive continuous improvement. User feedback and performance metrics will be your compass in this journey.

    • Utilize surveys and feedback forms to gather input from users about their Epic training experiences and identify areas for improvement
    • Analyze performance metrics related to EHR usage, such as time saved in completing tasks, reduced error rates, and increased productivity after training

    Check this out guide for elaborate strategies on Measuring Effectiveness of EHR Training ➡️

    Conquering EHR Upgrades Through Training

    EHR upgrades might seem daunting, but with the right preparation, your team will face them head-on. Together, we’ll explore strategies to equip your workforce with the confidence and proficiency to embrace changes and updates with ease.

    • To meet complicated training needs, schedule pre-upgrade training sessions to familiarize users with new features, interface changes, and any potential impact on their workflows
    • Offer post-upgrade training refreshers to reinforce new concepts and address any concerns that arise after the upgrade. Here’s a Just-in-Time AI tool that can help you with this
    • Provide ongoing support through dedicated chat bots or support channels during the transition period to minimize disruptions and maximize user confidence

    The Two Super Powers Working to Help You Win the Epic Training Game


    Onboarding training and Just-in-Time (JIT) training are two powerful vehicles in the Epic Training game, working together to ensure success. It’s like having a delivery company equipped with different vehicles for different jobs - each playing a crucial role in getting the job done efficiently.

    In this analogy, the Learning Management System (LMS) used for onboarding training acts as a reliable moving truck, providing a sturdy base for comprehensive learning. It offers structured content, tracks progress, and ensures learners have a solid foundation in EHR training. Just like a moving truck carrying essential cargo, the LMS ensures learners are equipped with the necessary knowledge to navigate the EHR system effectively.

    On the other hand, JIT training acts as the nimble bicycle, delivering quick and efficient knowledge transfer whenever and wherever it’s needed. Similar to a scooter maneuvering through traffic, JIT training provides targeted, on-demand training that addresses specific challenges or fills knowledge gaps in real-time. It keeps learners engaged, motivated, and ready to tackle any EHR hurdles that come their way.

    When JIT and LMS work in harmony, they create a well-oiled machine that produces excellent results. The LMS provides the structure and content needed for comprehensive learning, while JIT training adds the element of agility and adaptability. It’s like having a solid foundation with the flexibility to adjust to any situation that arises.

    By combining the power of JIT and LMS, EHR training becomes a seamless and dynamic experience. Learners benefit from the best of both worlds - comprehensive training through the LMS and personalized learning experiences through JIT training. They have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources through the LMS, while JIT training fills in the gaps with Just-in-Time support and guidance.

    Together, JIT and LMS create a harmonious balance that ensures learners acquire the necessary knowledge efficiently and effectively. It’s like having the perfect delivery team, with each vehicle playing a crucial role in optimizing the training experience and driving success in the Epic Training game. So, buckle up, embrace the power of JIT and LMS, and enjoy the journey to Epic training excellence!

    By implementing these practical solutions, you’ll set your course towards delivering the best Epic training in the industry, empowering your team to navigate through the complexities of Healthcare IT with confidence and proficiency. Together, we’ll conquer challenges, embrace continuous learning, and achieve excellence in EHR adoption.

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