Best Practices for Distance Learning

12 August, 2021 | 3 Min Read | By 314e Employee
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  • Do you find yourself in a whole new era of learning? What you were accustomed to has changed. The whole approach to learning has adapted to allow for distance-learning strategies and techniques. But what are these new strategies? What are organizations doing to adapt to a remote, socially distanced learning environment?

    Let’s go back in time 15 years when distance learning exponentially increased in popularity. As we began to see online Colleges and Universities pop up around the nation, the conversation centered on the value and overall learning environment these online offerings actually had. The need for student engagement increased as curriculums evolved. This forged a new path for the design and delivery of content. As tools, content, and strategies adapted, more options became available, leading us to our current situation today. Distance learning has become more of a rule rather than a standard exception.

    If you’re facing any trouble focusing while learning from the screen, here are a few strategies which can help you stay relevant, focused, and engaged:

    Consider the time investment and family implications. Remember, you’re not the only one impacted by your investment. Course work requires focused time, effort, and energy, especially if you’re holding down a full-time job, course work, and family commitments. A solid time management plan will benefit anyone balancing multiple efforts.

    Dive in and engage. This is one of the most critical variables that can either make or break your learning experience. As we were once accustomed to a live, responsive instructor, now we have chat boards, emails, and carefully scheduled meetings. Dive into the content, ensure you absorb all materials provided, and ASK questions should you need clarity.

    Own your learning journey – Many times we lean on others to guide us, something a live classroom can offer easier than a virtual classroom can. Distance learning requires high levels of self-motivation and persistence due to its virtual nature. Instructors can’t always see the confused look on someone’s face and act accordingly. Learners have to own the experience, take accountability for their actions, and take the steps necessary to bridge the gaps and gain the information and clarity needed to be successful.

    Make friends and study partners – Network, network, network! This element alone can help with motivation, information, and it’s simply a great way to experience learning. Collaboration with others, whether it be in a formal learning team or just a group of friends studying for the big assessment, can benefit anyone in any learning environment.

    Celebrate your successes! – All too often we are too busy getting the work done, we never reward ourselves for a job well done! Get that paper done? Celebrate! Pass the exam? Celebrate! Whether it’s a small or a huge win, celebrate your successes and you will be more motivated and engaged.

    Regardless of how you learn, distance learning is becoming more popular by the day. The benefits are simply too great to ignore and as our world adapts, so too must our way of learning.

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